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leif erikson
Mar 01, 2012, 06:38 AM
Welcome to the TSG31 Game in Progress thread. This thread is used to discuss the game once you've started playing. There are no reading or posting restrictions as such (apart from normal decency), although we encourage players to use the spoiler tags for screenshots. Here you can post questions related to the game and share your achievements/anger/frustration/victories while you play. Please remember that we are running a family friendly site, so express anger or frustration with this in mind. :)

Please use this thread to discuss your goals for the game and your opening moves through about the first 60 to 80 turns.

- What criteria did you use to settle your capital?
- Any early wars and who started them?
- What were your initial priorities?
- What tech path did you follow?
- What Social Policies did you choose and why?
- Did you prioritize any Wonders?

When you've completed your game, please post your victory, or defeat, in the TSG31 After Action thread.

Mar 01, 2012, 09:59 AM
it's a complete massacre - mainly because of me. I got off to a start where i got 2 free warriors from camps - had 2 more warriors and 2 archers because i wanted to take out ghandi early. Well early attack failed - lost 1 warrior and i retreated - 5 turns later i go back with swords(had the 2-nd city made to the west of ghandi and i had a 6 iron there) - i also take out his 2-nd city.
I immediately go to take out Paris - which i do.. raze 1 city, left him 2 and ofc i took Paris.
Suleiman decides he can take me on and declares war - take 1 city, get one for free for peace and raze that. 10 turns later i declare again and take his capital and another one which i raze - Suleiman is left with 1 city.
From there i go West to take out rome just because he pissed me off by expanding down the coast, just west of my starting position. By now i still had 4 crossbowmans and 2 LSM's left so i took Rome. A Cs i allied took another city and i sued for peace because Alexander was massing a considerable army to my west. While i took care of that Russia backstabbed me at suleimans and french capital - no def there so he took Paris and a Turkish city - Marched my formerly mentioned army east and retook one - he has Cannons ..Oh oh... i just remembered i never made a RA the whole game... that may have been a mistake :))
By now i start research on gunpowder - i don't have any universities, and my cities are size 5-9 ..pathetic.. on the good side.. i now have some happiness.

During these attacks i just made landsknechts and def from alex... who sued for peace giving me nothing.

Now i start to think maybe it was wrong to start with honor.... maybe liberty would have been better - and i should have colonized the whole western-SW area with 4 cities.

Turn 169 Now - saved and stopped because i got sick of so much war :))

Mar 01, 2012, 10:31 AM
Ugh, what a mess. I wanted to ragequit when I lost the Great Library by 1 turn around turn 40, but kept playing till turn 85. A string of unlucky combat results put me over the edge. I'm going back to Emperor games where I belong.

Mar 01, 2012, 12:26 PM
I settled in place. Build order was scout, scout, monument, granary, GL. One scout got upgraded to an archer and it managed to get me a free warrior from one barb camp.

I got the GL and used the free tech for Civil Service, which is the first time I've pulled that slingshot off in a long time.

Policies, all of Liberty then 2 into Piety. The 2nd being the extra happiness from monuments and temples.

I only built 3 cities. The 2nd to the west on top of a gems so it's on the river and next to the mountain. The 3rd city is south of the capital on the river next to the mountain and was mainly for the 6 iron and incense.

I took a GS when I completed liberty and used it to bulb for Knights.

My first war was with Gandhi, but I DoW'd a few turns early than I'd planned to capture his settler that was headed towards the 6 iron. Luckily I already had 2 or 3 Landsknechts and the scout/archer near that settler+warrior.

Before I took Delhi, the Romans Dow'd, but weren't really a threat yet. Once Delhi fell and I was sending troops towards Rome, Augustus offered a decent peace deal which I took. Around that time the Ottomans DoW'd. A few turns later they offered a white peace which I took, because my troops were still working their way towards Rome and I had no idea where their capital was.

I'm now up to turn 110. I have a few turns left on the Porcelain Tower. I've captured Delhi and Rome. Ghandi gave me another city in the peace deal, which I kept for the extra source of gold.

I've met everyone, with Elizabeth being the last and already hostile.

At this point I'm 4th in soldiers, 1st in land and 1st or 2nd in tech.

I've sold all my iron, except the 2 I'm using for swords and all but 1 of each lux.

I have no idea who my next target will be for certain. However, I'm thinking of going France so I can try to find Russia and Greece. I'm leavign the Ottomans for a bit since they're the only folks still friendly with me. Greece is pretending to be friendly. Russia is Neutral. England is Hostile. Everyone else is Guarded.

Mar 01, 2012, 11:11 PM
I made a 4 cities set-up like i wanted. Found some iron and upgraded an army to conquer Delhi. I did the gold for gpt exploit since it's allowed here. After Delhi, i pursuited my route near Paris and made another army to catch Rome. That was the first session of 60 turns.

Made a pause then i restarted this. I striked at a good moment to weaken both armies. Then i entered capital territories and got these caps as well. I finished Liberty a bit faster thanks to a cultural cs. I bulbed Steel and i upgraded 10 LSM. I have some horses and archers too. I'm going to get 6 more iron that i will transform in more units. I discovered everyone now. 2 big armies, one going east and the other for the west side. 4 caps to go(2 each side). Turn 90.

Mar 02, 2012, 07:29 AM
I don't know how to play civ aggressively.
Probably it's for the best on this difficulty though... Managed to get a lot of RA's, only got DOW by Suleiman... but we didn't really fight much as he was very far. Recently the Romans backstabbed, so I'll probably try to take Rome. Settled 7 cities on the entire SW coast, and managed to get GL Oracle and Machu Pichu. I have an allied CS (used to have 2 but didn't want to spend any money on them) thanks to the raging barbs. So far it looks pretty good, meaning that I probably will win the game, but will get a crappy turn count doing it... :(.

Oh... and I first settled on the hill to the west of the start location... That was a good decision I think...

Mar 02, 2012, 10:26 AM
About turn 96-97 now... I don't really ever play for domination, so I'm not very well coordinated in my strategy, but so far...

BTW, suggestions are welcome!

Build capitol one tile to the west on the hills so my second city could be placed SE near the gems. Opened with building warrior instead of scout due to German ability, then went monument before another warr and a granary. Then went settler before finally going GL. I know that's a long delay for GL...but my tech was...

Mining for the gems close by, then pottery ->writing for GL tech. Proceeded with Philosophy (not sure why, other than habit). Went AH to see if there were horsies nearby and because I had picked my next two city spots and saw lots of horses/sheep/cattle. Then had to decide between trapping or calendar to go either CS or try for HS. Decided trapping because of deer and German UU. Managed to get trapping 2-3 turns before completing GL, which was still not gone by about turn 50-55'ish. Went for IW after that before getting caught up in several techs and researching Education, which I'm a few turns away from. Plan on going for Steel next for longswords.

As for wonders, I've got GL, Oracle, building stonehenge in non-capitol city, and finished NC ~turn 90. Used liberty GE to rush Hagia and got another GE ready for Notre Dame in a few turns with Edu.

Militarily, I had no luck with barbs, so to speak. Despite attacking 6-7 barb camps successfully, I did not convert any barbs. It wasn't until about camp 8 that I finally got a barb to convert, and that's the only one I've had all game. Declared on Ghandi, who had 3 cities, about turn 75-80 and took him out fairly quick with 3 swords and a bunch of the UU. Rome declared on me from behind right before I declared on Ghandi, but he didn't send much so one UU and spearmen handled what he sent.

Got 3 cities + 3 puppets from Ghandi...happiness is my main problem, but not for long as I've got coliseums now and Notre Dame a couple turns away. I'll be gunning for Rome next after my army heals...I managed to only lose 2-3 UU so far the entire game.

No other Civ seems to have any money so I've got extra resources to sell with no one able to give me more than 60-70 gold for them (and not much GPT either). Ottomans were killed off by someone else already, and everyone seems pretty warmongerish. Only Elizabeth doesn't like me for being a warmongerer, despite me not leaving Ghandi with a city. I've got a score of 356, which is only 10 points out of first atm. We'll see how my conquests go from here, as like I said, I rarely play for domination so I'm not very skilled at it yet.

Mar 02, 2012, 10:56 AM
I am just 40 turns in, but I have a GL/NC start. Second city is going by the costal incense and a little quick expansion. I might try swamping someone with a flood of landsknechts instead of a sword rush.

Mar 02, 2012, 12:30 PM
Settled in place. Build order: scout, monument, granary, GL. Microed so that granary completed the same turn I discovered writing. Got mining from a ruin. I also picked up a cultural ruin. Liberty, citizenship, worker went to mine the gems west of Berlin. Timing worked quite nicely, so the chop came as I was starting the GL. Completed GL on turn 39. Third policy was collective rule, of course, and settled west of Berlin, near the 2 sets of 2 horses.

I took IW from the GL, and settled my third city near the 6 iron, SE of Berlin. Unfortunately, this settler got nicked by a barbarian, and it took me a while to hunt him down. Generally, I've been having a few problems with the raging barbs (I've never played with them before) - in particular they keep pillaging the gold SW of Berlin and making me unhappy, and I need to leave a couple of troops to defend on my western flank.

Fourth city was south of Berlin, on the coast, between the iron and incense, so my cities are forming an arc enclosing the whole area to the south-west, which I can back fill if needed. I've allied Florence to cover the north-western approach, and for the silk and culture, and because I had some spare gold. Unfortunately, the culture timing is probably going to break down (as usual:sad:), because I'll need to take my seventh policy before I can tech astronomy. I made 3 RAs, which I was hoping would power me through education, but unfortunately 2 of them have been broken:mad:.

Suleiman, Napolean and Gandhi have all declared on me. Fortunately, the iron came online just in time. Napolean attacked with about half a dozen units at Berlin, and as soon as I'd beaten them off, Gandhi attacked at Munich. Fortunately, he didn't think to pillage the iron. It's now turn 87, and I think looking pretty good. I plan to counter-attack at Delhi as soon as I've dealt with that barbarian camp and regrouped my forces.

Screen shot attached. I tried inserting it as an inline image, but it was ridiculously large.

LTJG Perry
Mar 02, 2012, 06:27 PM
I went all Honor, and have opened Pat and Tra, by turn 189

some Nice Ruins: 80G , Advanced weapons (He's a Crossbow now and the terrain buster is pretty sweet still) , Culture , Map (which showed me London, so not as disappointing as most maps are)

Amazed that no one was building very many wonders, I tried a few and never got beat.

Build Scout, warrior, warrior, worker, warrior..

Settled right there. It seemed like a good place. Next city at 4W with all those rivers for defense, 3rd SE by the Iron, and the 4th halfway to Dublin on the hill amidst the stone. So Berlin is sitting right in the middle of a very nice triangle.

Hamburg has GLib, Oracle and HagSoph and doing a lot of science. Berlin has TajMahal and is mostly building military, Munich and Cologne more multipurpose. GE made a Manufactory near Berlin.

Made an ally of Dublin early mostly thanks to Barbs and have kept him so far, recently added Singapore to my Best buddies list.

Made 2 RA , one with France, one with Otto. Both concluded successfully. Not very many others suitable or with the money.

First war was with Suleiman, when I spied a Settler of his. Made it back to my land, with Dublin doing most of the dirty work, then white peace.


First Capital down - ROME!
I hate fighting Rome, and wanted to take him before he got rich. Sully joined the attack and then made peace with Rome twice before I managed to capture it with 5 archers uber upgraded and a couple swords. all warriors killed in this assault.

Dublin helped quite a bit, but he does choke off that forest with his units. I end up building a road through the forest, which comes in handy when Dublin reqs a road.
White Peace with Rome. Rome has no wonders.

Next Target - DELHI!
Now I have several landsknechts swordmen, the elite archers, and a catapult. I moved them all down near Munich and then... Ottomans attack after a dec of Friendship! well I can't hold Rome, but I think I might keep all the Indian cities. I sell Rome to India. I figure sooner or later Otto will take it from him. Even if Rome recaptures it, he is crippled by all the time without it and the pop hits. I make a "I pay a bit too much for peace" deal with Otto.
Now during the attack on Delhi, Liz declares on me. I kill a longbow and she offers white peace. Then she offers RA (Nein!) This happened 3 times.

Delhi has HGardens, Pyramids, Hijameki Castle
I don't end up taking the rest of India after all.

Next Target - PARIS!
Ally Singapore for the path, have already open borders with Boney and scouted his land with a knight. He had 3 cities, with his 2nd under a vicious Russian attack. Unfortunately it falls before I get to Paris, so I am a dirty warmonger now. Oh well.
Paris has no wonders.

Next Target - CONSTANTINOPLE! It's close, I can feel it, but can't see it. Muskets are making their way to the front.
tldr - Rome,Delhi,Paris

Mar 04, 2012, 04:14 AM
Well, I'm about turn 250 now...

After conquering the city of Rome and making peace, I turned to France. I knew they had the Great Wall, but figured I'd be able to beat 'em still. Turns out they put up a good fight and it was a standstill, so instead of risking my troops far from home, I decided to regroup, build my economy, then get back at them.

After 50 turns or so of building up, I had gotten dynamite for artillery and also researched infantry, so had a nice tech edge. Built up a good size army but Cathy declared on me (she's a runaway on the other side) as well as Alex, who didn't do much. Cathy didn't do much either, but she built a city to my SE that I went and took. Made peace with Alex before DOW on Caesar to finish his 3 cities off.

DOW on France and took two cities before I got to Paris, which was very very slow drudging as they still had GW. Finally surrounded Paris with 6 artillery and blasted away for 3 turns before I could take it...they had a 60 defense rating.

Three civs left to beat: Cathy, Alex, and Lizzy...two of those will be easy, but Cathy has a bigger army than me despite the fact I've got ~15 artillery, ~12 infantry, and misc other units.

Social policies: I've finished liberty (first), honor (second) and am working on order, which greatly helped me dire happiness situation. Conquering Paris gave me the Forbidden Palace, so I'm looking good now. Just a matter of time (hopefully).

Mar 04, 2012, 10:12 AM
As planned, I destroyed the barbarian camp and captured Delhi. I made peace with Gandhi, and took Vijayanagara from him, which pushed me to 12 unhappiness, so I sold it to Elizabeth for a trifling amount of gold (for some reason none of the AIs ever seem to have any gold in this game).

I found the French, but their terrain looked too strong defensively for me to attack safely: a hilly choke-point with a river *and* the Great Wall. I think I'll need to wait until I at least have panzers. So I made peace with Napolean. I couldn't find the Ottomans, and they offered a favourable peace, so I took that too, and continued settling westward with ICS spacing.

Then things got a bit crazy. While exploring to the south-west, I noticed English units moving the other way, so I moved the main body of my army west, expecting a declaration. In fact, Elizabeth and Caesar jointly declared, but Caesar flailed uselessly at my allies Dublin and Florence, while Elizabeth attacked with a force consisting of workers and 1 archer with 3 hp.

The strongest attack actually came from Helsinki, who beseiged Delhi. The skeleton force there was gradually seeing them off, when Gandhi also declared and advanced on Delhi with a massive herd of elephants. Delhi fell after a few turns of valiant defence, while I spammed Landsknechts (since that's what they're for), teched chivalry and upgraded my horsemen. The elephants sadly got massacred at the battle of Munich. The eastern army (now consisting of knights, landsknechts, a catapult and a GG) recaptured Delhi and took Mumbai. Gandhi refused peace for a few turns, despite only having one city and one unit, but eventually settled, and the eastern army then moved on to recapture Vijayanagara, which was somewhat costly, as it had 28 strength. In retrospect, I should have let Gandhi keep it in the first peace. Any way, with the addition of Vijayanagara, my empire stretched from coast to coast.

Meanwhile the western army upgraded to longswords, and (with one catapult and a GG) advanced north to capture Antium.

The French are still impossible for me to attack realistically. They've plonked Marseille next to my capital, so I'll raze that and then try to make peace. Then I'll go for Rome, and maybe London after that.

I'm first in tech, land, production and score, so I really doubt the AI can catch me now.

In addition to being at war with France, England and Rome, Greece has turned hostile. I've DoFed with Catherine, because she's only friendly civ left! I still don't know where she is. I'm getting a diplomatic penalty from Catherine, Alexander and Napolean for "They believe you are building cities too aggressively", which I've never seen before.

Mar 04, 2012, 10:58 AM
(I drafted the previous entry after my second session, but couldn't post it until today, hence the consecutive postings.)

The Ottomans denounced me immediately after the last post, bringing me to 3 civs at war and 2 hostile, with Gandhi no longer playing any meaningful part in the game. I really don't understand why my diplomacy has been so bad during this game. I haven't DoWed on anyone, I've only built HS, PT and ND and I didn't settle towards anyone except Gandhi and Caesar. I seem to have been getting penalties for expanding too aggressively, which I don't understand because (a) I've never seen it before and (b) I wouldn't say my expansion was particularly aggressive - I've only founded 6 cities.

Any way, it's been crazy. I captured Marseilles with no difficulty (it was undefended). Meanwhile, Napolean conquered Helsinki and then moved his army towards Vijayanagara. There was quite an epic battle in the triangle between Delhi, Vijayanagara and Helsinki. Eventually I upgraded to cavalry and cannon and liberated Helsinki and took a favourable peace from Napolean.

The western army conquered Arretium, but lost a longsword and settled down to defend. After the peace with the French, the eastern army started transferring to the Roman front, pausing en route to raze a Roman city (I forget which), which had sprung up where Marseilles had been. At some point I took a white peace from the English, because I needed to make peace with Vienna to cover the left flank of the advancing army. We now massively outgunned the Romans, and Ravenna crumpled. I moved my army up to Rome - at strength 50 or so it would be hard to capture with cannons, cavalry and longswords, but we could have zerged it.

Unfortunately, at this point the Ottomans declared on me, and attacked my army beseiging Rome. It looked a lot as if they were intervening to prevent Rome from falling, which is something that a human player might do, but I've never seen it in an AI. Thinking about it though, I think it's more likely that the Ottomans were marching towards my empire, and Rome happened to be in the way, so that's where the two armies met.

At this point I really ought to have retreated from Rome, but I had my heart set on capturing it. I lost a lot of units, including some highly promoted ones. I accepted Caesar's capitulation, which pushed me to -18 unhappiness, but the Ottomans soon captured Neapolis, as I'd anticipated, and after fiddling around rush buying happiness buildings, I got my empire back to being happy.

Oh, and the English have declared again. So far, I can see two pikes and a longsword, so I doubt they're going to do much. They've settled Oxford and Newcastle near my borders, so I'll need to deal with them soon.

In retrospect, I've been teching badly. I did the usual median manipulation of beelining for electricity and leaving the bottom of the tree, but the diplomacy's been so bad that I've had very few RAs any way - there's only one pending, with Alex. I ought to have gone to dynamite faster. Any way, it won't be long now.

I have 17 oil and 16 aluminium, with another 7 oil coming soon. I have 176 gpt (out of GA) and 406 spt, and I'm 1st in land, food, production and tech, so I think it's pretty obvious I'm going to win. I have 4 GSs in hand, with the 5th coming in 11 turns, and scientific revolution in 14 turns, so I could get stealth about then. I'm slightly inclined to delay scientific revolution and take order though.

LTJG Perry
Mar 05, 2012, 04:10 AM
gah its just a few turns from my last post, spoilered due to high turn #

Jointly declared with Russia vs the Ottoman and got smacked hard.
I can only hope she whacks him. I saved 3 upgraded crossbows, a GG and a cannon from the slaughter by selling Paris to Greece (whose lands I haven't seen yet) and getting 'ported out of there. looks like Otto will conquer Dublin, but I think I can then liberate and try for peace, meanwhile concentrating on tech/economy. This busts my hope of a quick win, but meh its a higher difficulty for me; any win is good if I can get it.

Now refighting India at their insistence-- should be OK there.
I have allied Dublin still (while they last) , Singapore, and now Helsinki.

So probably London next. Russia is going to be a huge pain, and I'll probably get nuked, but for now we are besties.

Mazer Rackham
Mar 05, 2012, 11:04 AM
I made a 4 cities set-up like i wanted. Found some iron and upgraded an army to conquer Delhi. I did the gold for gpt exploit since it's allowed here. After Delhi, i pursuited my route near Paris and made another army to catch Rome. That was the first session of 60 turns.

Made a pause then i restarted this. I striked at a good moment to weaken both armies. Then i entered capital territories and got these caps as well. I finished Liberty a bit faster thanks to a cultural cs. I bulbed Steel and i upgraded 10 LSM. I have some horses and archers too. I'm going to get 6 more iron that i will transform in more units. I discovered everyone now. 2 big armies, one going east and the other for the west side. 4 caps to go(2 each side). Turn 90.

My game is following a very similar path as this. This game is really reminiscent of TSG21!

I set up 4 cities and also went after Delhi first. Gandhi had already set up walls and I lost a swordsman in the battle because he bought an elephant as I was laying siege.

After taking Delhi and the peace deal from Gandhi, I found myself 1st in score and 2nd in military strength. I did have to sell Vijayanagara, though, to get out of unhappiness. Unhappiness and the unit limit have been problems the entire game.

Like Tabarnak, I also headed off towards France next. I also sent a smaller force and GG towards Rome - hopefully to take them out before the ugly Legions and Ballistas arrived on the scene. Reinforcements were sent after this troop as soon as they were built. Nappy settled Lyon near a 6-iron spot, so I kept it. Managed to take Paris with no casualties.

I paid Cathy a handsome sum to declare on her friend Sully and paid Alex to declare on Lizzy. That pretty much put everyone at war, so I am hoping to slip in a late GL to grab Steel or Machinery. I am still 7 turns off at turn 91. I'm 8 turns off from a Liberty-finisher GS and 10 turns off from finishing research on Engineering (opening up machinery and Xbows).

It would be nice if Alex could take out London. The stretch of land on the west side of the map looks like a real death trap and I haven't researched optics (much less sailing) yet.

I have yet to take Rome yet, as well. I've taken two Roman cities, but Caesar had a real cluster of cities with lots of double-shot opportunities. I'm close to clearing the last outlying city before I can safely lay siege on Rome. And I do have friendly territory to upgrade to LS/XBows if I hit those techs first. Sully is also helping me out after Caesar declared on him and sent his troops East while I was taking the cities on the western side of his empire. :rolleyes:

One additional final pain will be dealing with my good friend Cathy and her Great Wall. That and the treacherous western march make my fear I have a lot of turns left.

Mazer Rackham
Mar 05, 2012, 02:50 PM
My GL gambit worked! I was able to complete it around turn 95 and take Steel. At turn 98, I completed Liberty and took a GS. At turn 99 I finished research on Engineering and used the GS for Machinery.

This screenshot is taken before upgrading archers to crossbows. Someone has a pointy stick problem. HINT: It is everyone but me. :lol:

Rome and Istanbul are going to fall in the next couple of turns and then it is on to my BFF Cathy and the westerners.

Mazer Rackham
Mar 06, 2012, 10:34 AM
Istanbul and Rome fell easily to the fresh LS/Xbow upgrades. Alex declared on me in spite of the tremendous odds against him. He managed to surprise an unsuspecting Xbow who landed on a forest hill only to find 2 hoplites and a Catapult on the other side. :blush:

I made the mistake of not waiting for the Embark upgrade for half of my troops and got bogged down in the narrow pass on the way to Athens. A few LS died to Companion Cavs, but Athens has fallen.

My western army also discovered Cathy had also discovered Steel, so it was going to be a battle on even terms - but she also had the great wall. Luckily, their swords turned to wood? when I sabotaged her Iron mine (and took the Iron I had been loaning her) immediately upon entering Russia. It was a tough slog to Moscow with a few casualties, but the city is now mine!

That leaves Lizzy, who has just recently discovered Astronomy. I myself am finishing Compass right now and the HS for the PT/Astronomy. I hadn't planned on her being able to send out Caravals to crush an aquatic invasion. :( So there may be some additional slogging ahead.

I should be able to sell my Eastern Army now, annex Nottingham (which Alex had previously taken from Lizzy) and buy troops there to beef up the army in Greece.

Mar 10, 2012, 11:28 PM
Yikes; almost embarassing to post where I'm at by turn 80 here. :blush:

Got 3 cities, good happiness. I had trouble with Ghandi in my last game, so didn't go after him here. Guess this is why generals always fight the last war; looks now like he was doable early had I gone for it. Instead I'm just peacefully building up, waiting for Landschnects. Will probably go after Rome first -- the nice thing about Ghandi is that he's usually nice. I don't like to have an aggressive enemy on my flank.

Mar 24, 2012, 04:28 PM
shoulda checked the settings a little closer I guess.
I went the four cities Iron-working swordsmen route as suggested by Tabarnak.
India went down pretty quick < T60 I think, and Paris <T90, and Istanbul < T120, and quickly took score lead in the game. But then I kind of lost focus and started working on things I shouldn't have (like happiness, science, wonders, culture, etc.). now I'm at T189 and being given a hard time by all my neighbours who are out in front of me on the tech tree. Hey, how did that happen? and how come wonders are being built for techs I haven't even started yet?! Oh, cuz it's an IMMORTAL game! doh!
Not sure I can actually win this one now. :)
Russia is attacking with Cossacks.
maybe I better go on the defensive there, and try to take Rome.

Apr 03, 2012, 06:46 AM
too boring to finish owning everyone

ps bombers animation drives me insane =\