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Mar 19, 2012, 07:04 PM
I have been hoping to make a mod for Civ V since last summer, but the project got stuck in a drawer for over half a year. However, I finally managed to finish something that I dare to publish and here it is.

Edward's Economy Revision

Edward's Economy Revision is a mod that seeks to give the player more financial options as well as add buildings and game mechanics that help the player make more out of the resources they have in their hands.

As this is my first mod and I'm just learning how to modify stuff, the things I mod will be quite simple for starters, but hopefully in the future I'll learn how to mod in those more interesting things I've got planned :)


Three new buildings


+1 :c5gold: Gold from nearby Wheat and +2 :c5gold: Gold from nearby Wine
+2 Happiness
Requires Calendar

Hunting Lodge

+1 :c5gold: Gold from Furs, +2 :c5gold: Gold from Ivory, and +1 :c5food: Food from Deer
Requires Trapping


+1 :c5gold: Gold from Sheep and Cotton, +2 :c5gold: Gold from Silk and Dye
+2 Happiness
Requires Civil Service

One new World Wonder

Wall Street

+50% :c5gold: Gold in the city
Requires Electricity

Modified buildings

Market and Bazaar

No longer provide +2 Gold, but instead give +1 :c5gold: Gold from nearby Bananas, Fish, Sheep and Cattle, and +2 :c5gold: Gold from nearby Incense and Spices


Now gives +1 :c5food: Food from nearby Cattle and Sheep as well as Wheat and Bananas (No bonus from Deer as it now receives Food bonus from the Hunting Lodge)


Renamed as Jeweler
Now gives +2 :c5gold: Gold from Gems and Pearls as well as Gold and Silver


Now gives +1 :c5food: Food from nearby Whales as well as Fish


Now gives +1 :c5production: Production from Deer instead of Sheep

Other game mechanic changes

Trading Posts and Customs Houses now give +1 :c5gold: Gold after researching Currency. However, Custom Houses' base Gold output has been lowered by one
Trading Posts and Custom Houses now give +1 :c5gold: Gold when on Road or Railroad and when next to a River
Fishing Boats now give +1 :c5gold: Gold on Whales and Pearls in addition to +1 :c5food: Food
Mines now give +1 :c5production: Production when on Railroad
Lumbermills now give +1 :c5production: Production when next to a River
Camps now give +1 :c5food: Food from Deer instead of +1 :c5production: Production
Plantations now also give +1 :c5food: Food on Sugar in addition to +1 :c5gold: Gold


Currently available in the in-game Mod Browser under the name "Edwards Economy Revision"
Hopefully soon available also as a download ( from the CivFanatics File Database.

Known bugs/issues

As the mod currently centres on giving you new sources of Gold, you will most likely end up with piles of additional currency. I will possibly try and fix this later on. Suggestions on the matter would be appreciated :)
EDIT: All right, played a full game and managed to have an income of some 300+ Gold, definitely needs to be fixed somehow.
Both Market and Tailor give +1 Gold from Sheep. Will be removed from Market for the next version.
Constructing Wall Street will cause the city model to disappear.


EER is currently a pure XML mod, so it should not conflict with any other mod. However, if both mods modify same buildings results could be interesting.

Special thanks

Derek "Kael" Paxton - for the Fall from Heaven II -mod that made me want to mod Civilization and for the Civ V Modder's Guide, that allowed me to do so
Valkrionn - for the Economy mod, that has partially served as an inspiration for this mod
as well as any other modders whose works here in CivFanatics have inspired mechanics in this mod. Informe me if it seems I've used your ideas, and I'll list you :)

All feedback, constructive criticism and bug reports greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy the mod :)

Mar 19, 2012, 08:57 PM
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Jun 15, 2012, 01:36 PM
Will you be updating this for the G&K expansion?

Also, you should put this on the Steam Workshop for Civ5.

Sep 22, 2012, 01:43 AM
Well, I went and made an update to this mod for G&K.

Since I don't know how to properly package and create regular mod files, and I didn't want to put this up on the workshop since I didn't create it, people will have to install it manually.
To install, place it in your \My Documents\My Games\Sid Meyer's Civilization 5\MODS\ folder and extract it there. It should then show up in your mods selection ingame.

I've uploaded a fixed version to the Steam Workshop that's notably more stable than that one.