View Full Version : Playing the Game for Dummies

Octavian X
Mar 03, 2003, 07:24 PM
After last Saturday's mixup, I though I had better post on how I play the game, just so we can get some uniformity...

First, once the actual playing is done, BEFORE YOU PRESS ENTER, save the game as a seperate file. Name it the game year. This save will be later uploaded for viewing by our players.

Second, take screenies of entire map, and each of the cities. Save these in a .zip file.

There are two ways you can procede from here. If you can password protect the files one way, you can upload the pics and save on the fileserver. Otherwise, simply attach the files to the post.

Next, send the save game to the three e-mail addresses of GWT, along with a CC to mongoose. These addresses can all be found in the stickied cabinet thread.

Then, post a new thread (titled: Turn #, year) with a summary and links to the files, or the attached zip.

Later on, I will give a tutorial on how I password protect...

Mar 03, 2003, 08:55 PM
LOL! I am glad I didn't do anything wrong here. But seriously, why did my game screw up so much?