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Mar 19, 2003, 04:53 PM
I propose that we cut down the forest due north of Shen Ling and then irrigate the tile to maximize food production for our fair capitol.

Current situation:

Forest 1/2/0
River 0/0/+1
Game +2/0/0
Total: 3/2/1 (actually 2/2/1 due to despotism)

If we cut down the forest, that would produce 10 shields towards the production of a granary or some other city improvement. This will reveal a grassland tile that may or may not be enriched.

Situation after chopping down trees:

Grassland 2/0/0 or possibly, 2/1/0
River 0/0/+1
Game +2/0/0
Total: 4/0/1 (actually 3/0/1 due to despotism)
or possibly, 4/1/1 (actually 3/1/1 due to despotism)

Then, if we irrigate that tile...

Grassland 2/0/0
River 0/0/+1
Game +2/0/0
Irrigation +1/0/0
Total: 5/0/1 (actually 4/0/1 due to despotism)
or possibly, 5/1/1 (actually 4/1/1 due to despotism)

We will have a single tile producing 4 food under Despotism! At size 1, this would mean 4 surplus food, resulting in growth in 5 turns! At size 2, thanks to the additional game tile due south of the city, we would again grow in 5 turns while producing 5 shields per turn!

Thereafter, the numbers decrease as additional laborers take to the forests and slowly reduce the surplus food supply. Nonetheless, this simple terraforming can free our capitol to grow rapidly allowing for greater and greater production, not to mention the ability to produce settlers and workers twice as fast as before.

Please consider this proposal carefully and cast your vote in favor or in opposition as you best see fit.

Mar 19, 2003, 05:01 PM
Oh and one more thing... if we build a road to that tile, which would be logical to do as it is being worked by the citizens, it will increase our commerce by 1 as well, resulting in an additional much-needed beaker towards our overall science budget.

For those of you keeping score, adding a road will result in that tile being 5/0/2 (4/0/2 in Despotism) or 5/1/2 (4/1/2 in Despotism) depending on whether or not the tile is enriched. What a powerful tile that could be!

Ehecatl Atzin
Mar 20, 2003, 01:25 AM
I like the numbers FortyJ, sadly I've never been one to micromanage in such detail, I salute you! :D


Mar 20, 2003, 12:40 PM
Sounds excellent, however we'll have to make sure that the extra shields from the choppingprocess are well spend. So make sure that the forrest is chopped at a time we can use the shields, IE not when the - we need some fast- warrior needs two shields to finish.