View Full Version : Wanna help create a MoD?

Apr 14, 2003, 09:45 AM
Anyone interested in creating a MOO3 Mod?

It is not as complex as the B5 mods or Star Trek mods and is quite simple

It is organised around Stargate and will incorporate the following:

- Human race will be - guess it, the Tauri (sp?)
- The other races will be split up into the..

:- Asguard (read New Orions)
:- Tokra (good guys)
:- The main system lord Gua'old and their followers (ie, Sokar, Anubis, Yu, Ra etc)

It will be played as the humans learn of the stargate.

All races will look human (so it will require us to simply swap around all of the heralds to human form (maybe will glowing eyes for the gauald?)

They will all have Harvester type relations with the Tokra and Tauri and with each other they will have on/off war type relations

The tauri and tokra will have friendly relations.

Possibility of including the Re-Too or the replicators as well

Is anyone willing to help me with this - if you have modding experience before that would be useful