View Full Version : Expanding and improving terrain 740 AD

Jun 06, 2003, 07:33 PM
In a different thread ( I posted a plan for expanding our empire and improving terrain. This is a slightly improved version, assuming 7 new settlers instead of 6 and in response to discussion, more terrain improvements near three of our core cities (Dou, LC and RF).

The two maps below show where to improve land:


The highest priority terrain improvements are underlined.

The following two maps show possible future city sites. C1 to C4 are where I think we should build cities next, not necessarily in the order indicated by the numbers. If we build a city at C4 we should clear the jungle first. In addition, the C's show possible future sites but it's possible that we should arrange them differently.

This poll asks whether to follow the plan but a different poll will ask more specific questions about its implementation, in particular tax rate, where to build all of the settlers we need and how to prioritize those compared to building caravans and city improvements. There will also be some building queue options.

Do not vote for D1 or D2 unless you vote for C1.

Finally, we have a NONE settler far away from home near the Barbarian city of Berlin. Founding a city (Berlin Barb Farm=BF) near Berlin (the E-options in the poll) and then bribing barbarians to get NONE units seems like a good idea:

Since a lot of $$ is currently needed for building settlers, caravans, city improvements and wonder we can't afford to bribe a lot of barbarians at the moment so I recommend something like F1. I also think we should use this opportunity to build an attacking army, meaning G1.

Jun 07, 2003, 08:41 AM
The improvement plan looks good and the city plan too. C2 could possibly go 2 squares SE though to use the land more efficient, but we wouldn't get that buffalo then. We could squeese in a filler later on if we want.

I think 50% of the time is a good guideline, and that we should only bribe barbs when we have enough money to spare. How shall we get them back, or shall we keep them there until they're needed?