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Jun 08, 2003, 07:34 AM
Ministry of Domestic Affairs (MoDA) 740 AD recommendations

The following is an outline of what to do in the coming turns. It's somewhat difficult to specify in a turn by turn list exactly what to do and when so I'm listing only what seems fairly obvious but feel free to make adjustments if necessary.

As discussed previously, we plan to build lots of caravans and 7 settlers in the coming turns. In general the caravans are prioritized ahead of the settlers because we want Isaac Newton's College plus internal trade ASAP. The 7 settlers should be built in RF, LP, EF, Nae, FW, Ipec and Igloria. Of these, the RF, LP, Ipec and Igl settlers should eventually found cities. Most of the settlers will probably be started in 820 AD after we get lots of caravans by IPRB'ing following a caravan delivery.

Improving the terrain should be started according to the map in the expansion/terrain improvement poll. The emphasis is on the western cities so all settlers should head there (in particular those two that are mining once the mine is completred). Exception: One settler should improve the land around VM (maybe that settler should also build a fortress where the elephant is to prevent unhappiness, making Naervana's Elvis unnecessary ?!). There are high-priority improvements to be made near both BS and LC (there is a settler in BS) but I think those near LC are more important.

Berlin Barb Farm (BBF) should be founded on the 4 special forest square but I think we should mine the wine hill first, doing so yields lots of shields and trade. The first thing BBF will then build (probably IPRB) is a mighty diplomat.

We need more triremes to ferry stuff so I'm suggesting changing production to a trireme in BS. We'll probably also need an additional trireme in the LP/Igl area but not as quickly since there is a trireme not far from these cities and the Aztecs are not very far away.

In 800 AD we should by able to IPRB many caravans following a caravan delivery. I think we should use these both for wonder building and deliveries, the majority probably for wonders. However, if a city is either big, has no trade route or both we should deliver. Neu is a particularly good example, the caravan it is about to finish should be delivered in Dou.

740 AD
Set tax=70%, lux=30%
IPRB caracan in Dou for $125 (do it so that 10 shields are left to finish it)
Rush buy temple in VM for $60 now. The specialist then becomes redundant and we can work the goldmine.
Rush buy harbor in Igloria for $62.
Change production to caravan in Naervana
Probably eliminate the Elvis in LP by working ocean instead of plains. Do the same in Naervana.
Probably change production to trireme in BS

760 AD
We should have about $260 now
Dou build caravan (probably dye). This one, together with the 'older' gold caravan should rendezvous with the trireme near the Aztecs and be delivered to the Aztecs. Dou starts another caravan but do not IPRB it now.
VM builds temple, start caravan
Igloria builds harbor, start settler
Neu builds caravan
Rush buy marketplaces in LC and Ipec

780 AD
We should have roughly $200 now
IPRB caravan in Dou (should cost about $75)
Probably rush buy caravan in EF, start settler
LC and Ipec build marketplaces, both start caravan

800 AD
Dou builds caravan, start bank
Deliver hides to Bombay, we should get roughly $400. Make sure we have at least one Einstein somewhere, otherwise we'll get no delivery science bonus because of the 0% science rate.
Rush buy settler in Igloria, start caravan
Rush buy some caravans, preferaby in those cities that will produce settlers

820 AD
Possibly rush buy bank in Dou
Start settlers in the 'settler cities' that rush bought caravans in 800 AD

Hopefully this is complete enough, the domestic affairs are getting more and more complicated.

PS Hopefully 1315 GMT isn't too far from 1200 GMT ;).

Jun 08, 2003, 09:49 AM
I'm afraid it was too late, sorry.:(

I realize I haven't followed this plan at all. Instead of RBing, I've bought just a few shields every turn to hurry up production. Now we have lots of cash over.

Jun 08, 2003, 10:19 AM
I guess finishing GOTM28 took too much time :D. Looks as if this doesn't matter much, things are looking very similar to what I was planning, the biggest difference probably being that I'd have rush bought Dou's bank and a few settlers by now.

If I have things my way, next turn (or more probably the end of this one) is going to be a big shopping spree.

Jun 08, 2003, 10:32 AM
It's harder to play when you represent others too. I probably would have played differently if I didn't try to follow all the plans. Not saying it would've been better, but when other people think one way, leave out some parts when they state their opinion and I try to cover it up my way, it doesn't always work out the way we thought it would. I guess that's what democracy is, it is slow, need a lot of bureaucracy, things go wrong, but everybody has their say.:)