View Full Version : Tax, science and luxuries 900 AD

Jun 10, 2003, 02:22 PM
There are several options in this tax poll. The only constant thing is 30% luxuries which are needed to prevent some cities from revolting. The options are:

(A1) Keep things as they are, 60% tax (202/40), 10% science (15 turns). This way we continue collecting cash.

(A2) Maximize science, 20% tax (73/40), 50% science (4 turns)

(A3) 50% tax (167/40), 20% science (9 turns) for 2 turns, then 20% tax and 50% science as in (B). This provides cash for rush buying in the next 2 turns. Then we maximize science. The reason is that 5 turns from now we'll deliver a caravan in Tenochtitlan and receive a nice science bonus. This plan ensures that when that happens we will have recently discovered what we are researching now and therefore there's not going to be a bonus waste or a delay in delivering to avoid waste. The cash from this delivery ensures we can continue rush buying and keep science at maximum, there are some upcoming techs that we are getting ready to exploit. As these detailed explanations imply, I recommend this.

(A4) Something else (please specify).

Then there's E1 and E2 to allow the president to make minor adjustments (typically +/- 10%) to the rate we choose. The purpose of this is to fine tune the science progress to caravan deliveries so that no fraction of the delivery science bonus gets wasted.