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Jun 11, 2003, 02:23 PM
900 AD: Make recommended changes...

920 AD: Zulus acquire SF from Aztecs, aztecs get rep. Peace treaty.
Chinese develop Mathematics.
Mycenae (size 2, only pretected by one barb knight) is destroyed by the Greeks.

BBF builds harbor. (dip, MC will help it quite a bit with happiness early)
FJ stops celebrating.
Igl builds copper van for Dou. (settler)
FW builds settler. (starts trireme)
Dou builds bank. (caravan)
Nae builds settler. (caravan)
LC builds food van (could've built silver, which is demanded by Dou, but needed for Isaac's). (another one)

RB settlers in LP and Ipec.
RB trireme in BS.

940 AD: Greeks kill last knight.
BS builds trireme. (caravan)
PB stops celebrations.:(
EF builds settlers. (MP)
Ipec builds settlers. (caravan)
LP builds settler. (caravan)
RF builds settlers. (caravan)

Tax rate changed to t:20, s:50, l:30.

RB stuff.

Gold van delivered to RF. 210g/b, route gives 4t/turn.
Wait with copper van to dou.

Adjust research.

960 AD: Greeks develop Polytheism.
Dou builds hides van. (Still supplies hides, another van)
CFC discover engeineering.:goodjob: (Economics)

Readjust research.
Deliver EF copper caravan in Dou. 136g/b, both routes 4t/turn.

RB MP in EF (150g)

980 AD: Chinese acquire Monarchy from Greeks. Greeks get literacy.
EF builds MP. (caravan)
Neu builds food caravan. (another one)
Halt growth and production in LP in favor of EF celebrations.
Hurry Dou caravan.

I decide to try to get some maps so:
Talk to china, give them Phi. They are willing to trade maps.:)
Their horsemen aren't very close to Berlin.

Want to trade maps with greeks, but they are hostile, so I don't even try to talk to them.:(

Unload caravan (for Teo next to Ten).
Aztecs want a talk:
They want us to declare war at the Greeks, we say no. We give them Phi. They see an oppurtunity of an alliance, we don't want to commit ourselves. Trade maps.

Halt science progress to make sure delivery is good next turn...

1000 AD: Zulus develop Math.
French unload to settlers on continent south of them (where we got our wandering nomad).
Aztecs aquire IW from Zulus. Zulus aquire Phi. Aztecs get Math. Zulus get Trade.

Igl builds settler. (caravan)
VM builds gold caravan. (MP)
EF celebrates.:goodjob:
Dou build gold caravan (hides also available) for India. (Isaacs's)
We have a trireme outside RF not doing anything at the moment.

Dou dye caravan delivered to Ten: 540g/b, no route. (I didn't know how much we would get, so there's a ca 100b loss, sorry:( )

All caravans outside Dou helps Wonder...

1020 AD: French develop Med. Indians aquire it. French undertake Shake's...

Dou builds Isaac's:goodjob: (harbor)

We discover Economics.

Neu builds food caravan (another one).

Jun 11, 2003, 02:37 PM
Here are the pics:

Things to consider:
Lots of money, where to spend them? I've tried to adjust the taxrate to the amount of science needed and that has resulted in high taxrates for 2-3 turns where much science wasn't needed. I've also spent them on caravans and an MP in EF.

Maybe a plan for Shake's, now that the French are building it.

We'll soon get sanitation, this means we'll be able to celebrate Dou if we want to right after Shake's and sewer are built.

What about the trireme waiting outside RF, and the two Dou caravans moving towards RF (gold and hides).

Not many barbs seem to show up outside Berlin.:( I have only moved the dip on the east side of Berlin though.

I celebrated EF to the size it was before the settler, and we can get it to 10 or 11 if we want to. Do we?

Jun 12, 2003, 07:01 AM
Originally posted by funxus

Things to consider:
Lots of money, where to spend them?
...Maybe a plan for Shake's, now that the French are building it.

...What about the trireme waiting outside RF, and the two Dou caravans moving towards RF (gold and hides).

The reason the science ministry agreed to the high tax rate was to spend it on infrastructure and caravans. I have started developing a more detailed plan to address these items. I don't have my notes with me here, so i won't be able to post anything until later, but it involves rushing nearly everything currently in production and getting shake's by 1100. More to come.

Jun 12, 2003, 07:37 AM
I was also going to suggest spending a huge amount of money ;) almost immediately but will wait to see Tim's plan. Having a big amount of cash and not spending it is a bad idea at this stage in the game IMO. I'd like to get Shake well before 1100 AD.

We can have marketplaces, at least one trade route (preferrably 2-3) in every city on our main continent, harbors where needed, aqueducts everywhere and Shake within a few turns so the big question is: How many turns to democracy ? This is important because if there are only a few turns we'll not celebrate next until we are a democracy, otherwise we'll celebrate all cities to size 12 or more while still a republic.

Also it seems we need to find a way to squeeze out more settlers somewhere, I'd really like to have 2-4 additional settlers to improve terrain. And too many of our settlers are located in the east.

We also should start considering build queues for the bigger cities once the stuff mentioned above has been built (banks next or libraries or something else ?).

Jun 12, 2003, 10:02 AM
Tim, every time we had a delivery going on I've tried to make sure that we didn't waste anything by lowering the sci rate. So these 2-3 turns were never in a row, and only turns where science would have been lost anyway. A lot of the money also comes from the recent delivery to Ten.

Plans help me a lot, so they are very welcome.:)

Jun 13, 2003, 08:12 PM
Ill take a look at the save and draw up some Battle plans (If we are at war) later on :).

Jun 14, 2003, 08:45 AM
I was busy yesterday and this morning (I finished school for the summer:) ), but will have time now to go through all the plans...and I'll play tomorrow.

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Jun 15, 2003, 11:11 PM
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