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Jun 23, 2003, 05:34 PM
All members of the judiciary share several traditional rights and responsibilities:

Post polls and discussion on interpretations of the Constitution, Code of Laws, and Code of Standards.
Do not have Deputies but may appoint Pro-Tem officials (Pro-Tem Justice, Pro-Tem Defendant and Pro-Tem Advocate) if they are unable to fulfill their duties. Pro-Tem officials have all of the rights and responsibilities of the officials they are filling in for but are a temporary position and must surrender their pro-tem status upon the request of the official.
Participate in Judicial Review to determine the legality of proposed amendments, laws and standards.
Initiate and participate in Judicial Review to interpret and clarify existing amendments, laws and standards.
Initiate and participate in Judicial Review to dismiss investigations as having "No Merit".
Post Legislative polls that have passed Judicial Review.

The following duties are assigned to the Judge Advocate:

Is tasked with the mechanics of investigation and trial.
Will open and close discussions and polls as appropriate to the trial.
Will perform as prosecutor (gather and present evidence) for anonymous accusers.

Please Accept or Decline any nominations you receive.

The Election Office

Donovan Zoi
Jun 23, 2003, 05:49 PM
I nominate Peri to another term in the Judge Advocate chair. His contributions to the bench have been sound and thorough.

Jun 23, 2003, 05:52 PM
Thankyou. I accept my nomination.

Jun 23, 2003, 05:56 PM
I wholeheartedly second that!

Octavian X
Jun 26, 2003, 02:09 PM
Well, I do have a desire to jump back in to the judiciary to only post I haven't held on the bench. I nominate myself, and (to the suprise of many, I'm sure) accept.