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Aug 04, 2003, 09:23 AM
Hell Status Report 1752 AD

Not unexpectedly, the infrastructure in Hell sucks. The first priority should be to connect all cities by railroad and solve possible food problems. It is hardly realistic to grow these cities to much more than size 8 when we celebrate next, the goal of the celebrations will be to grow the more developed Coresux cities to size 25 or so.

Thessalonica: Engineer (IRB), harbor. Strategically important, needs to be connected to other cities with railroad ASAP. Probably kill the French caravan to prevent the French from getting a delivery bonus.
Ephesos: Engineer, harbor, temple. Move cavalry towards our enemies.
Rhodes: Engineer (IRB !), fanatics, harbor, temple. Strategically important and could become vulnerable while isolated.
Neo: Harbor, supermarket ?, temple
Delphi: Switch to engineer, then harbor and temple. Explore the black square within the city radius ASAP.
Knossos: Can become big. Harbor, temple, marketplace, aqueduct.
Corinth: Engineer, harbor, engineer, temple. Use engineers to build railroad to Eretria and then for terrain improvements there.
Athens: Can become a powerful city. Cavalry (?), engineer, temple, harbor, marketplace, aqueduct.
Argos: Engineer (IRB !), harbor, temple
Sparta: Harbor, temple
Eretria: Not well prepared to support engineers, switch to harbor, temple. Mine the wine ASAP.
Pharsalos: Fanatics, harbor, engineer, temple
Thermopylae: Fanatics, engineer, harbor, temple

In general, for these cities I'm using a generic city improvement build queue that looks like this: Harbor, temple, marketplace, aqueduct but the city list above only includes the most important stuff to do. It would be nice to grow Athens and Knossos to size 12, therefore the long list for those cities above.

If we want military units (e.g. more cavalry) it can be inserted into the above build queues. In that case I suggest using Pharsalos and Thermopylae to build military stuff since they have barracks. Possibly Athens as well although I would rather want to focus on happiness improvements there.

We should start building a railroad E and NE from Eretria ASAP to eventually link Hell and Barbaria. We can also found some cities in the area between Hell and Barbaria.

The first priority is to connect vulnerable/strategically important cities with railroad. This means railroad from Thessalonica to Rhodes and from Rhodes SE.

We should found a city near the French city we razed. The square adjacent to both cavalries is nice since it has access to 4 specials (2 whales, buffalo and gold).

Comments and criticism wanted, especially regarding military plans (should we build more military units ?)

Aug 04, 2003, 09:11 PM
We'll have to build more military units, if the new plan is to jump the Indians as well as the Aztecs and French all at once...