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Oct 03, 2001, 04:57 PM
I, as I am sure many of you, have recentley gotten an e-mail from suggesting I try their new civ-like game. I have yet to do so, but have a proposal to all of you, that is to orginize a search party {we will all jump into an explorer unit here} we will:
Join, try out a game if that is possible yet... read some info, and in short, learn what its all about. we then all return here and report what we have learned, and tell how good we think the site is.

to Mod's, I realise that this probably belongs best in some other forum, but I wanted it posted in a public place, and there is no place more public then the OT forum, if you want to move it, do so, but please leave the original here.

Oct 04, 2001, 04:56 AM
We are going to present all members different pages of civizone which later will be available in the game. But we need your help... i can't do it alone... we need user who post their wishes and what they expect... we need unitdefinitions made by users... i can develope it... but if i 've to think it over alone... i won't be ready in 2910 years... i wanna be the developer... but the gameplay units terrain, map, resources and other definitions should be made by all our members!!! ;)

Cu on CiviZone!