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Oct 31, 2003, 08:46 AM
Here is a game I started last night. Which way would you go? I wish I was at home so I could post a save. Itís Emperor large map, continents, I am Spain. Imagine my continent to be in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head with me in the face, Germany in the left ear, and Russia in the right ear. They both have about 12 cities while I have 9. I did a 4 tile spacing and am wishing I did 3. I do not see many more places to put down a city. To the south of me, in a long subcontinent is England ( I have a single space choke point with them. They do not have good land. America is on an island south of England separated by only 2 sea squares. Its 300 BC.

I am facing two scientific civs, they are two techs into the second age, I am researching construction, the last first age tech. I can also research republic or monarchy. My army consists of 10 workers, 12 warriors, 6 horsemen, 2 spear. I just finished fighting Russia to a stalemate war. They made a demand and I did not cave. I killed many Russian troops but failed to take any land. I have horses hooked up, and iron in my land, but not hooked up. I do not have money and currently there are no decent trades available, I cant afford to trade for the second age techs yet. I do have more culture than anyone else. There are only two different luxuries on this continent of which I have one, Russia has both and Germany has one. Germanyís luxury (which I do not have) is within easy striking range of my forces. America, far to the south, separated by water has a third luxury.

How would you proceed?

Oct 31, 2003, 09:13 AM
You said you are first at culture, so I guess your cities are well developed. You dont have many man in arms so in that case I would prefer republic. You should easily grab huge tech lead and go for knights. And then... :) Your economic situation sould be better too. Thats my advice. I usualy go to monarchy, cause I like early game wars for land, luxuries and resources, skipping rep. at all. But in your case for that is to late. Hope this helps!

Oct 31, 2003, 09:17 AM
Whitch budweiser do you mean? US or our Czech / Europian? US beer socks!

Oct 31, 2003, 09:24 AM
Republic. No brainer.

But only 9 cities on a large map? You're going to need to go war soon -- but you can do that in Republic pretty easily. Build up some force in 20 years and take a bite out of Russia. When ww starts hitting, sue for peace and techs and then take a bite out of Germany, until ww starts hurting, then sue for peace and techs and go back to Russia. etc.

Meanwhile, send out a few suicide galleys.

OR, simply go Republic, play catch-up with techs using twofers until your wide spacing becomes an advantage and crush them all with tanks in the Industrial Age.


Oct 31, 2003, 09:58 AM
I just counted in my head, I have 12 and they have 15, same ratio though. I actually sent out two gallies already. One sank right off the bat. The other survived 5 turns at sea and finally sank with in sight of land but I didnt make contact. If only they could have lived one more turn... Suicide galleys work better on standard maps.

Kzk is right, my cities are fairly well developed. I read about a guy at apolyton that uses the lux slider to get to size 12 quickly so I was sort of trying it. Madrid, my capitol is at 9 and is the number one city in the world. But, growing up, kept me from growing out. Really, the 4 spacing did.

I really would have chosen monarchy in this case because of 3 MPs and the fact that there are not many luxuries to work with. But I might try republic. I agree that russia needs to be targeted first. 20 turns of war, should be enough to take a bite out of them. Then I can ping-pong between my three neighbors.