View Full Version : Roadbuilding bug in hotseat

Dec 15, 2003, 08:14 AM
I was in a hotseat game (2 players), in Ancient Age. I ordered one of my workers to build a road to City X, using the advanced button (not CTRL-R).
The worker started building his road but went over a volcano, and resumed on the other side.
So the road was not continuous, and curiously the section of road right after the volcano was crossed, (like a +). The worker resumed its road construction up to the city.

The funny thing is that it could have gone on one side of the volcano, over a mountain (the other side of the volcano was a lake), but it did not !

Conclusion : maybe the "build a road to..." action does not work proprely when there's volcanoes in the path.

I'm sorry I can't load a savegame, I'm at work and don't have internet at home :)