View Full Version : Stealth attack doesn't show unit stats.

Dec 22, 2003, 05:56 AM
Description: When using Stealh Attack (in my case using the Silent Hunter in the Three Sisters intro) it shows a list of targets to attack, but it doesn't show the rank or hitpoint stats of those units.
Steps to reproduce: I believe it is valid for any stealth attack on a stack of units.
Observed effect: See included image. Note it only gives the names, no rank or stats.
Expected result: When you right-click on a stack, it shows the rank (regular, veteran, ...) as well as the current hitpoint status (1/3, 4/4) of the units. Since the point of using stealth attack is to pick out a target of choice (preferably a hurt target), it would be most helpful - if not essential for the attack decision - to have the rank and stat info in the stealth attack dialog, too. Now you have to richt-click before attacking, and then hope that the order is the same.

Edit: Obviously for brevity only the stats have to be given. The rank of the unit follows automatically.