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Nov 03, 2001, 01:46 PM
First let me explain the AI bug, which without I wouldn't have any chance in this deity game I am playing. As it stands now I think I have a good shot of winning.

The AI doesn't care that much when your consistently break treaties with them. In particular when you are winning a war you can offer them peace while demanding an almost unlimited number of technologies (and sometimes cities). It is worth noting that you cannot demand a technology that you donít have the perquisite for.

After they agree to your peace you can immediately declare war again, take another city, and then offer them peace for even more technology. I have done this over 8 times with the Americans in my deity game and they fell for it every time. Once I even did it twice in one turn.

My game is at 400AD now and some of the enemy civs are about to enter the industrial age, without the helpful Americans I would still be stuck in the middle of the ancient age.

The AI also does a lousy job to responding to large troop buildups. But that can be discussed in another topic.

After a few times they should know that you have absolutely no intention of living up to your end of the bargain.

Now, a bit about my game if you are interested. Its on a small world with a large land mass. The barbarians are set at the second to highest setting.

I am playing as the Iroquois for the use of there mounted warriors. I had a really lucky break in the beginning with 3 cattle next to a lake all within range of my starting settler. This was my first try to (I didnít start 10 games until I had a nice starting spot).

I saved the game at 4000 BC if anyone is interested in playing it. I had to start over like 3 times (each within 40 turns) as different strategies (just to deal with barbarians, happiness, and corruption) didnít work.

I ended up starting like 10 small cities close to my capital to minimize corruption and to help fend off barbarian attacks. I got a lucky break with a goodie hut that let me start building archers. With an army of archers I fended off the barbarians and was able to build a city up north to bring a luxury into my country. This helped a lot in keeping my people happy.

Iíll write some more about my game in a few hours if people are interested in hearing about. Also that way if anyone wants to give the game a shot I wonít spoil everything. The three cattle are really key to actually having a chance.

Nov 04, 2001, 05:55 PM
I achieved a domination victory on Diety level. I didn't even know you could win this way. I took out all the other civs, and just when I was about to turn on my loyal allies, the Aztecs the game informed that I had a domination victory.

I've upload the last turn before victory. Just hit shift+enter and the game will end. The replay is interesting, particulary watching how fast the AI grows.

Domination victory at 1030 A.D. with a score of nearly 8500.

Nov 05, 2001, 02:34 PM
holy crow!

well- i'd congratulate you but maybe the game will no longer be fun for you at this moment and it's something to mourn... :(

Either way you're a great player!

BTW: I will NEVER PLAY YOU IN A MP GAME unless I've bribed you with chocolates first to be my ally so I can watch us win while I tinker with my Hoplites circa 400AD. :)

Nov 05, 2001, 02:51 PM
Thanks for the compliment. Honestly though I would be that many other people could also beat the game at this level if they want to exploit the AI through diplomacy.

Another nasty tatic is to take over an AI city, move all your troups out, then contact the AI. Offer to give them there city back for money, technology, or maybe even another one of there cities. As soon as they accept the deal, declare war on them and move your troops back into the (undefended) city you just traded them.

Unless I playing against people that aren't all that bright in MP I doubt many of these tactics would be that useful.

I see that some people have downloaded the start of the game. Has anyone else had any luck with it? Any interesting stories?

Nov 05, 2001, 03:01 PM
One note:
if you do go for this backstabbing tactic, the AI does care some (at least, at regent level)... I have a MUCH harder time getting reasonable deals from any Civ now, and they all say stuff like "We remember what you did to the Greeks". So its not a completely free exploit.

With that said, the same Civ shouldn't make the same give-away-stuff for peace, only to be betrayed, mistake more than once with you.

Nov 05, 2001, 03:08 PM
That is true when the Civs are on even footing with you, but once it obvious that you are winning the war and could wipe them out they will agree to anything as often as you like to try to stay alive.

Nov 05, 2001, 03:16 PM
Also... once you break a treaty with a Civ they won't talk to you until a period of time goes by... OR if you take another 1 or 2 of there cities. When there a big shift in the balance of power they will be willing to talk with you, even if it on the same turn.