View Full Version : double "vision" problem, tried everything

Mad Russian
Nov 04, 2001, 09:16 PM
I got an old monitor (800x600, 60hz). everytime i start the game i see several screens. Does anyone know how to fix this?
my computer:
800 duron
32 mb geforce 2mx driver version 21.85, 22.50(same problem on each of them)
460mb ram
P.S. i tried
editing the registry of my video card,
making custom driver for my monitor using powerstrip (when installed the game doesn't start at all)
making a colour profile for the game using powerstrip
adding keepres=1 line into the ini file

Nov 04, 2001, 09:29 PM
The game needs a 1024 x 768 resolution capible to play. If your resolution is higher it drops it down to that and if lower it attempts to go higher. Maybe that is why you are getting this "several screens" problem.
My suggestion, get a monitor that can handle 1024 x 768.

Mad Russian
Nov 04, 2001, 11:05 PM
i fixed it:crazyeyes :crazyeyes :crazyeyes
i made a custom resolution in powerstrip (1024x600)
then added this lines in the ini file keepres=1,
video mode=1024 600
no more doublevision
:D :D :D :D :crazyeyes :crazyeyes :crazyeyes

Nov 05, 2001, 01:40 PM
You are fantastic mad russian! I have same problem
When you say "powerStrip", do you mean a program? (I suppose)
Well, I have version 3.02(shareware)
can you explain more detail about you get that wonder!!!!!

Mad Russian
Nov 05, 2001, 05:13 PM
go to powerstrip> display profiles> configure> advanced timing options> custom resolutions
select 1024x 600 in there, it will say do u want to restart, say yes.
the new resolution will appear in display properties. select it, if your screen marks up(if it does it means that your monitor doesn't support that resolution and u can't play the game yet) then don't do anything it will revert itself back to old resolution. then add those lines in my previous post to civilization.ini

P.s. there's a slight problem, i can't see 3-4 cm of the screen down the bottom

Nov 07, 2001, 09:57 AM
Great Mad!
Your solution worked! I could play!
But, I didn`t like playing without 3-4 cms under screen....
So, I was tried differents configurations with powerStrip and...
AMAZING! I got a "estable" configuration in 1024 X 768, so i can play in that resolution!
I follow your steps, but in "CUSTOM RESOLUTIONS" in left list "preset resolutions", I selected 1024 X 768i HDTV derived and then I was fixing slowly each parameter to find a "estable" res.
I hope you can use this solution!


Nov 07, 2001, 01:23 PM
I've had the same problem, where the game will start up in kind of a "split screen" mode. This only happens when I start the game by inserting the CD and letting it start by using Auto Run. If I start the game by clicking on the icon on my desktop I never have the problem. Is that weird or what?