View Full Version : Tried for first UN win and Cultural Victory snuck up on me...

Mar 12, 2004, 03:19 PM
OK, I won. But I really wanted that UN win.

I slaughtered China after they pulled a sneak attack on me. I also enlisted the services of the US and India. I got India up to gracious even after we had had an early war. Germany and I were also on good terms thanks to many deals and gifting. I thought the English were the ones to cripple so I picked a fight and drew the rest of the world into it. France jumped in on the side of the English before I tried otherwise. When the vote came Ghandi and that dork Bismarck voted for Catherine! Argh! Anyway, it was obviously inconclusive. Abe backed me and France and England abstained.

After the alliances lapsed things got real ugly. The wars, early peace treaties, subsequent wars had me feeling like I was in the eye of a hurricane.

My new plan was to eliminate India and really work on Germany, France and England for better relations. But allas, my culture snuck up on me.

I'll have to restart from a few years in the past and slow down the accumulation.

Mar 12, 2004, 03:21 PM
Make sure you sell all your temples/libraries/cathedrals/universities/colloseums then.

Mar 12, 2004, 04:12 PM
or just turn off Culture Victory

Mar 12, 2004, 06:02 PM
In an emergency, you can also mobilize, it cuts culture production in half.

Mar 12, 2004, 08:37 PM
Originally posted by Abgar
or just turn off Culture Victory

sorry, but you can only do that before the game, in the game setup, i think. jb1964 wants to stay with his game.

@jb: sell the culture stuff and you might want to have a look at the article -> ai attitude exposed ( in the war academy (just in case you haven't seen it yet ;) )