View Full Version : Update of units for CivLackey's Combat Calculator

Mar 20, 2004, 07:27 PM
I have always thought CivLackey’s Combat Calculator to be the best, because it floats” in a tiny window above the game. However, after developing it CivLackey disappeared and it has not been updated. As a result, units in PTW and C3C are not included. To see his original thread click here. (

I have updated the units in his Combat Calculator so that all of the units through C3C are included. The file at the end of this post contains all of the latest units.

To install it you must replace the civunits.csv file that is in the game folder. The default installation is in C:\Programs\Civ Assistants. Rename the existing civnunits.csv file to something else (such as civunitsold.csv) and then unzip and copy the file I have revised into the Civ Assistants folder. When you start the Combat Calculator all of the new units will be present.