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Apr 02, 2004, 06:06 AM
Fellow Citizens!

Term 3 (

Despite me failing to confirm in time my willingness to accept the nomination, our President has appointed me for another term of duty. And you did not complain. I will do my very best to further the development of our province.

The main task for this term will be to take complete control of our western parts with the help of our military forces. We will remove Egyptian influence and claim more wines, more territory and more fish. The 2 cities to conquer plus the one to found will need our support to grow fast, both w.r.t. population and culture.

We will continue to develop Audiac as a center of commerce, to be used for science, happiness, and cash income.

To have an overview of what we have accomplished, here is a compilation of our cities at the beginning of this term:

Vandelay City Thread (
Cabaret Voltaire City Thread (

As you can see, we should work to improve the happiness of our people. Either by trading for resources, by temples and cathedrals, or by spending money on luxuries.

Whenever I post as governor, I will post in dark-blue. Nobody else should use this color.
Whenever I post as citizen, I will post in black.
Never ever should a picture wider than 800 pixels be posted in this thread. Violators will be ridiculed.
If you consider something missing or have suggestions, please feel free to post or tell me by pm.

Apr 02, 2004, 06:42 PM
Governor, you've seen my worker and city plan in both the DoI thread and Military thread. Are you willing to accomodate to those plans? (i.e., to max out city production, and give them needed improvements, such as barracks, aqueducts, markets, temples, etc.).

Apr 03, 2004, 12:41 AM
Minister, I agree in some aspects, but not at all completely.

I gave my opinion on your worker plan in the DoI thread. (

Regarding military cities, I strongly believe that military forces need to be complemented with science. Thus the shield-poor cities in Audiac will spend their limited production primarily on markets, libraries, universities, and maybe banks. Augmented by temples and cathedrals as needed. And the high-food cities already produced most of the workers and settlers of Fanatica.

I plan to continue along these lines, especially barracks have absolutely no priority.

At the beginning of term 3, I contacted the then-governor of Berry trying to reach an agreement that his province should complement Audiac by producing mostly veteran military units, but got no response. May I suggest that you try this now with the new governor?

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Apr 10, 2004, 10:26 AM
From the Desk of the Department of Infrastructure and Department of Defense --

Attention Governors!! - Please comment on the suggested builds in this thread ( If you like them, you may use them in your build queues. They're an attempt to design the queues around max production, and our future wars with Babylon and Russia.

BTW, just so you know, Bootstoots admitted that he isn't the best at worker management. (I've even scolded him about working mountains that won't be used until the industrial era, and clearing jungle in corrupt cities while neglecting ones like Santa Lucia, which was given 5 workers...)

Apr 17, 2004, 01:38 AM
Fellow Citizens!

It is now the year 1170AD in Fanatica's history. I served more than half of this term as your Governor and want to update you on the state of our province.

We have assimilated 3 formerly Egyptian cities in our province and now encompass all of Western Fanatica.

Due to our country's Golden Age, we built a lot of scientific and commercial infrastructure as manifested by research tubes and gold output.

Regrettably, Central Government was once again very inept and deprived you -- the hard working citizens -- of luxuries. But we need happy people. Thus in the rest of the term, I will also see that we build more temples and cathedrals; unnecessary and a waste of money if oh if the government would do it's job and bring in luxuries. But since they blundered the second time already, we can't trust them and have to take action ourselves.

Soon Industrial Times will begin and hopefully railroads will bring additional benefits to our province. However: railroads must be built first. And since we also know from past experience, that the bozos on top are quite inefficient in handling worker turns, we will also supply some more workers. It must be done, but the rewards justify the effort.

Finally: the is (small?) hope that we will get 2 Great Wonders in Audiac. Time will tell, whether your governor's plan is approved and properly executed.

PS: You may want to look at the instructions for the next turnchat ( to see how the above statements are started to be implemented.

Apr 18, 2004, 08:45 PM
Thanks for the update, tao. It's appreciated!

-- Ravensfire

Apr 29, 2004, 05:43 AM
Fellow Citizens!

Term 4 is over and we made great progress in developing our province. Our 11 cities are well set up and ready for the future.

We are producing 323 shields per turn and 549 commerce per turn. In our province, we have Smith's Trading Post and Newton's University. Next turn, Vandelay will switch the Palace build to Wall Street and finish it.

As you see, most of our citizens are happy and thus we have only few shields lost to waste (12%). Courthouses help keep corruption also low (13% compared to 39% globally in Fanatica).

In Term 5, we will continue to improve our infrastructure and start building more ships for our navy and more units for our military.

Governor of Audiac