View Full Version : fans fixing MOO3 bugs (there is still hope)

Jul 08, 2004, 08:20 PM
I thought i'll put these links here, in case someone is interested.
Moo3 came out waay before it was completed and patches while doing a lot, did only a small fraction to compensate it. And now Atari/Quicksilver have abandoned the game completely.
But, still there are fans who are doing their best to fix those bugs themselves, and fortunately some of them are very skilled at what they do, so there might still be hope that some day people who were dissapointed in the beginning may want to pick this game up once again.

Here are some links of interest:
Bhruics patch:
This guy has allready fixed some bugs by editing the .exe/.dll files with techniques that uncomprehensible to me.

Visibility fix:
This attempts to fix a bug, mainly causing failure when intercepting incoming missiles.

And UO Metapatch
Attempt to put all fixes and in future enchantments into one big package. Not ready yet.