View Full Version : Recommend a AGP video card

Jay H
Nov 15, 2001, 02:03 PM
I may be looking to replace my old AGP 4MB STB Velocity 128 video card with something new that is resonably priced. This means I don't need the latest, top of the line 3D card out there. I'm more interested in a stable video card that's good and priced reasonable. I don't play many FPS games and mostly sim/strategy games such as CivIII (duh!) and SimCity 3000. I'll play the more intensive games on an X-box or PS2 when I get one.

Has a list of some fairly inexpensive cards that aren't the latest and greatest but they look like a good value. I have a new Shuttle AK31a motherboard which supports up to 4X AGP cards so I guess one of those 4X AGP cards are good. I know the problem with the latest Detonator drivers and nVidea chips. Can anybody recommend a great all-around card from that link, I do not need a TV-out, just something that is a good video card for the price which should be OK with civIII and similar games.