View Full Version : Problems with Civ3 [NVidia TNT 2 64]

Nov 17, 2001, 05:47 AM

I have problems to start the game. When I start Civ3 - the first demo shows allright but when the menu windows should be appeared (load game, new games etc) screen is BLACK but sounds works fine... Even ctrl-alt-del doesnt bring the screen working mode so I have to boot my computer :(

This problem appears 95% times but sometimes 3D mode works fine so game can be started. When this succees screen seems to be a little different than in cases when loading does not work.

I have NVidia TNT 2 64 with latest detonator drivers v21.83 + w2k. MB Asus K7V.

I quess that problem is in 3D drivers because sometimes it works and sometime it wont :-/

Please help me so I can continue Civ3 playing :-)

Nov 23, 2001, 09:36 PM
Update ur drivers....!!!! im using 22.80 now with tnt2 too

Nov 24, 2001, 06:22 PM
:rolleyes: i have had a similar problem but i have been on to infogrames tech supp. they told me that the game was written for 17" monitors and high refreshrates i dont know how tre this is but it means i may have to buy a new monitor.

Nov 25, 2001, 01:55 AM
If they wrote the game for 17 inch monitors with high refresh rates ..then ..put it on the side of the box. ...yeesh..


Dec 04, 2001, 10:44 AM
How about laptops ? Ever seen a laptop with 17" screen. according to the official website you screen must be capable of 1024x768 x 16bit color