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Nov 20, 2001, 09:04 PM
englishmen eat meat in mint

...englishmen need culture!

Nov 20, 2001, 09:25 PM
Though i played almost every civ game there is i especially like the
improved diplomatic possibilities in civ3.
Resource management also adds an interesting new feature so even if not researching you can stay top-of-the-line in civilization advances by demanding tributes and trade luxuries/cities/resources.

still the recipe for a succesful game is a mixture of military, scientific and diplomatic advances.

culture is an idea i like very much, deposing cities is a feature that comes in handy (especially if cities join my civ).

stupid #1: why the heck do i lose ALL armies (!) in a deposing city, even if i just invaded and stationed a lot more military in that city than population counts?

stupid #2: after invading a city all improvements have to be rebuilt. i can understand some damaged improvements, but not everything.

winning a scenario: i use to win by space race... to gather points for the final summary. did anyone ever win by culture? is it any worth?

since ctp i miss a feature that let's you play civ with multiple players via email. everyone is taking over one civilization and you can do only one turn at a time, of course.... much like an old-fashioned chess game telling your opponent your move. will it ever work?

oh don't mind my stupid blabbering, i was just posting as a test.