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Next Colonization game (col 3)

I have written the Colonization development team at 2k games about producing another colonization game. As Im sure you probably know, Civ 4 Col is the result of heavy pressure from fans to develop another Colonization game.

I ask all current players to contact 2k games and request yet another Colonization game!

This is the reply sent to me by 2k games...

Raul G, Apr 18 05:59 (PDT):

Hey Andrew,
Thank you for contacting 2k Support, and many apologies for taking so long to get back to you. At the moment we have no information on any Colonization game coming out, but I will definitively tell our team that there is interest for another one."
Best regards, and thanks for your support.
Raul G

You may contact 2k about making the next Colonization game at....

Lets make it known that There is a huge fan base for this game and we'd love to see more done with the series! And feel it makes sense for 2k games to pursue the next

Thankyou TAC team for MANY hours of great games
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Nice to know that Coloniztion fans are alive and kicking... .

Just 1 remark; Civ 4 Col isn't Col2. It's Co1 remake. The next Colonization game, should therefore be Colonization 2 (The Game we've been, and still are, waiting for, like Star Wars fans have been waiting for The Third Trilogy)

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Originally Posted by Misiulo View Post
Just 1 remark; Civ 4 Col isn't Col2. It's Col1 remake.
I absolutely agree.

Civ4Col Vanilla never deserved to be called "Colonization 2".
(Its quality was low and it left out many good features of the original.)

The only thing really awesome about Civ4Col Vanilla were the great possibilities to mod it.

Today however I believe that modders have achieved better games than a professional company trying to create an official "Colonization 2 " would ever have.
Religion and Revolution
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