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help with scenario creation, please

hey, i've always loved to make my own maps and scenarios, and they've been alright. however, i really want to make the perfect scenario with civs that come in the middle of the game, landmarks that if "acquired" can give you gold or units or something, etc. i built a real nice (in my opinion) map of haiti for the haitian rev. scenario that i made. i played it and it was fun. but, it lacked a lot because the whole point was that as you free plantations (if you are the haitians) you get units! also, i had to use zara yaqob as my toussaint l'ouverture! (one of the leaders of the haitian rev.) i was some what disappointed. what i am trying to say is, do you think i could get some assistance with making leaders look a little different of having some good scripts?

i'd really appreciate the help and after which would make TONS of scenarios, on request as well!

(btw, if it makes a difference, i have a macbook pro and am running windows on it to play civ. i love macs but i also love civ!!!)
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Welcoms j.civ! Perhaps you should check out/ask in the Leaderheads Creation/Downloads section; there's quite a few of them - leaderheads and creators - which might help you out.
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will do, thanks. i might have some further questions... but hopefully i'll be fine!
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