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[Regent] Xerxes 190 AD in control of Europe (Cylindrical World Map)

This is a game in progress where the Persians (Germans) had the Berlin starting point (randomized) on a cylindrical world map.

The "English" (Romans), "Chinese" (English), "Indians" (Greeks), "Babylonians" (Russians), and whoever the French were, have all been pushed out of Europe, Great Britain, Turkey, Iceland, and most of Scandanavia -- but not eliminated :rocket: (e.g., I think the "English" are now the Central African Republic.

I've either built or captured pretty much all of the ancient wonders except for the Great Wall, contacted the civs in America and have all of their maps, established embassies with all, established peace with all civs, etc.

And, of course, you are number one in almost every category including population, popularity rating, income, and so on ... just transitioned from Despotism to Republic.

City governers are currently set to only manage moods ... so you can modify this as you see fit.

As the scenario stands, the "Persian" armies are massing on the Russian front to take down Babylon (Moscow):tank: , the Babylonian (Russian) capital -- but watch out for the hoard of Babylonian bowman, ensure you have enough immortals and catapults, and attack :rocket3: before they get pikemen and longbowmen!

Have fun!

- oogie

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ummm... Did you forget to attach a file?
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nope ;-)

Nah... didn't attach the file.

I figured out how to load Gramphos save game editor with the Marla cpf file ... wow ... in less than 20 minutes after figuring it out, I was able to make 16 game starts in Regent mode (one for each civilization) with everyone in their correct starting location on the Marla cylindrical (Miller Projection) world map version 1.08.

Currently, I'm playing the Zulus in AD1000 and have most of Africa and am populating Australia (need the coal in SE Australia). It's a lot more fun to play when everyone is in their correct starting locations.

Africa seems to be much more of a challenge than Europe in Regent mode.

What marla didn't tell you in her "it only takes 30 seconds e-mail is that there are two separate files that have to be downloaded (really quick downloads) to make the Gramphos save game editor work. You don't know that unless you read the "read me" (or is it "Don't Read Me") file that comes with the save games editor. Once I downloaded those 2 files, the thing worked like a charm ...

Anyway, ... try Civ III with the civs in the correct starting locations .... really really is nice!


Oogie :crazyeyes
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