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Solar System Scenario . . .

Hey, I've put together a basic map for an idea I've had. I've spent some time trying to work on some fairly ambitious space-based mods that didn't work out as I had hoped, so I've made the scope a little smaller here.

Basically, the map is out solar system, with the nine planets and some of the moons. Earth is fairly well represented (for a circle with only a 15 tile diameter).

I guess right now I'm just stuck as to what to do from here. I have no experience with altering terrain graphics, and I am terrible at doing anything outside of the Civ3 editor itself.

I'm going to post what I have, and I'd love to hear any suggestions people have. Also, if anyone likes the idea, feel free to take it and the map I have here and run with it, as I'm sure you'll be able to make better progress with it than myself.
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