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Mayan Raptor
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Researching more than one tech at any time?

I propose that players have the ability to choose more than one technology (I'm thinking two or three) to research simultaneously, to quicken game pace. However, they could only research one of each category of technology at any time (e.g. a player may research one religious tech and one military tech at the same time, but not two military techs or two religious techs, etc.).
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#1 Unit
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I wount like that idea, it would make the game to quick and esy. I rather be able to reasourch one at a time then three.
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Yumbo? Yumbo!
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What benefit would this serve? If your total research ability was spread thinner, then you'd get techs even slower than you do now. For example, would you rather have the current linear research that gave you techs on (for example) turns 5, 10, and 15 or your proposed method which would give you three techs on turn fifteen.

Or are you just proposing that you'd like three (to go with the flow of my example) times the tech research power? If that is the case, just play a quicker mode as they make the game quicker by reducing the price of techs and construction. Or you could edit the price of tech research across the board (a very easy change) to get teh exact speed you are looking for.
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