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Old Mar 15, 2006, 03:32 AM   #1
Dominus de Bellum
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Random Idea for a mod

I was just walking along and I realized that the switches between civics could be changed to be more realistic. Is it possible to change the anarchy setting that a changing government goes to? I was thinking, rather than having one year of anarchy, and then your back to normal the next year is kind of short and unrealistic...What if you were sent to anarchy, but each succesive turns you get closer and closer to your chosen civic.(in respect to the beneifits? Could something like this be done? It would show the more traditional idea of a transitional government, slowly but surely rising to its feet.

Anyway, just my random thought for the day.

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I have an idea about civics too - today I had a think that It'd be interesting to create somenthing like advisor will show your country system according to civic your have, e.g. Free Religion, Universal Suffrage it shows something like 'Democratic Republic' and with Hereditary Rule, Theocracy it'd be 'Kingdom'
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