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Epic build times on Marathon game?

How hard would it be to get the short Epic-game build times into a Marathon game? That just seems like it be a sweet spot to me. In Marathon games, it just feels like everything takes so long to build that it's kind of pointless. In Epic, things just go way too fast.

I want to be able to create huge armies and actually war in specific eras, rather than in Epic having my units obsolete so fast I don't know why I build them, or in Marathon for it to take like 300 years for me to build a Spearman. it possible?
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Very easy.

Find Civ4GameSpeedInfo.xml in your (game directory)/assets/xml/gameinfo directory. Open it up in notepad. The first section deals with marathon speed, a few lines down you will see this: <iBuildPercent>300</iBuildPercent>

Under Epic, the same number is 150, so just change the one under marathon (300) to 150.
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there are already such gamespeeds out there for example in History in the making(an excellent mod by grave) you have a gamespeed oddesey which is much like the game speed you describe
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