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Ways into Health

A new book entry has been added:

Ways into Health

(This could be a medical thread, but no it's only a game )
Health, as we all know is the key to everything, much more important than happiness (don't flame me, there is another article on happiness here).

This article identifies the factors that will lead a population to be healthy, and also notes some of the unhealthiness-causing elements.

As the player selects more difficult levels, cities become quickly unhealthy even with small populations, so having a good knowledge of the health factors will help the player to create and manage a stronger empire.

Here are the health bonus you start with for every difficulty level:
  • SETTLER ______4
  • CHIEFTAIN____4
  • WARLORD_____3
  • NOBLE________3
  • PRINCE_______2
  • MONARCH ____2
  • EMPEROR_____1
  • IMMORTAL____1
  • DEITY________1
need happiness?; need health?
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