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Civ4 - BTS Intersite PitBoss Game Public forum for information related to the CivFanatics versus CivPlayers PitBoss multiplayer game.

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Strength Introduction / Information / FAQ

The purpose of this forum is to centralize all efforts regarding an upcoming multiplayer PitBoss game between CivFanatics and CivPlayers.

Here are some details, courtesy of Indiansmoke, the CFC organizer:
I am organizing a CFC vs civplayers pitboss teamer game. I have already contacted a few people here at CFC that I know are good players and that are willing to play.

the game will be 5vs5 in Team Battleground map with 2 city elim and turn based pitboss with 24 hours per team.

We need the turn players and we need more people to participate in the forum with ideas if possible or just to follow the game.

I would really like all 5 turn players to be good, experienced players as we will be playing against the best.
Much like the Civ4 Beyond the Sword Multi-Team Demogame, team members will have their own private forum to discuss strategy. In this case, though, all CivFanatics (the 5 turnplayers and unlimited participants) are on the same team and share one private forum.

So, although the 5 turnplayers should be multiplayer veterans in order to maximize CivFanatics' chances of winning, anyone is able to join, spectate, and participate! For that, see the Roster thread.
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I'm willing to watch, I'm actually not so good at the game beyond Noble, so I'll use this as an analysis to improve my game, plus I wanna see CFC win!
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