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Differences and Similarities between American and Soviet Science and Industry in WWII

The Soviet Union was supposedly a socialist, top-down run economy, even throughout WWII, while at the same time the United States was at least capitalist in theory. How did the different economic (and to an extent political) systems effect how they ran their wartime industries and specifically, how they ran their scientific research programs throughout the war? I'm aware the Manhattan Project was government project but in the United States did democracy and the free market have any real effects on how the program itself was run? On the flipside, how did the top-down, one-party system effect Soviet developments in the same fields? Which was better for scientific research and wartime mobilization of resources if either?

Edit: I apologize for some typos. I have had a little to drink and this question is mostly based off of some drunken debate amongst friends.

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The US industrial war fighting effort was top down as well. The economy wasn't "nationalized" as in taken from the owners, but it was very substantially centrally planned to maximize output for the war.
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