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How should modding Civ5 be different than 4?

One thing I would like to see changed is how multiplayer is implimented. Rather than try to keep everything in sync, I would like one computer running the game and the others act as slaves. OOS errors have been a huge problem with many mods. For someone who's learning to mod, that's a huge complication.

Also, I would really like to see some more documentation this time. You can do almost anything with Civ4, but it took the community years to really become fluent emough to have that kind of control.
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I'd like to see more things removed from the .exe. Firaxis was really good to us with BtS and everything but there were still some annoying things that we couldn't get to. Ex. clouds, the start menu...

Anyways, I'd be content with keeping it pretty much the same with the earliest release of the source code as possible. The earlier we have the core, the more heavy coding can be done.
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