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Civ 5 Hall of Fame?

Does Civ 5 have a Hall of Fame like all of the previous versions? I sure hope so, but haven't heard mention of it. It is good to see a summary of my previous performances -- often I use that information to decide what level to play at (have I lost about 3/5 of my games at that level? If so, it's about right for me), and what civs I haven't tried out yet (when I'm in the mood for something new).

For that matter, I'd like to put out a feature request for an upcoming patch (don't worry it's an easy one): On the Hall of Fame (if it exists), it would be nice to summarize % wins on each difficulty level somewhere.

Also, does Civ 5 have the replay feature still like Civ 4 had? Just a minor thing, but it really was a nice touch to replay your glory (or shame) in a couple of minutes.
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I would guess that it's included simply based on the fact that it would be odd not to have one in a game like civ. Perhaps confirmation from 2KGreg?
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