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ToT patch problem

I'm attempting to install the 1.1 patch for my Test of Time installation. I assume the patch is supposed to update civ2.exe with an updated version, but this is not happening. Once the installer completes, civ2.exe "disappears" and so the game is unable to load.

I'm reinstalling ToT on a 32-bit XP(SP3) machine, and I've previouslly installed it on this computer without problem. I am not installing from Civ Chronicles.

I've tried deleting all Civ 2 data from the registry. I've tried downloading the patch from different locations in case it was a corrupted download. Any suggestions?
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I don't really have a solution, but don't delete the registry entries for ToT; the patch won't install without them. You may want to try disabling some of the other running processes through the Task Manager before you attempt to install the patch, in particular, anti-virus, anti-spyware and any 3rd-party firewall software.
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Unhappy Similar Problem!

After Installing patches, Including 'nolimits', I get the game up and running only to discover that even after building 6 or 7 cities I don't get the opportunity to research advances.
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Did you check the science rating (ctrl+T) or is your government in anarchy?
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