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[Addon] More Detailed Unit Names

Here's a small add-on to RED WWII, this is a update to the UnitFunctions.lua to include a much more detailed auto-naming feature. Also includes the United States in the auto-naming function.

How to use:
Unzip UnitFunctions.rar, go to Documents\my games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\R.E.D. WWII Edition (v 39)\Lua and replace RedUnitFunctions.lua

A preview of what this addon does:

Full list of features:

The Third Reich:

-- Airborne Forces are now named ./ Fallschirm-Jager-Division, I. Fliegerkorps'

Waffen SS:
-- Panzer SS Divisions & SS Cavalry Divisions converted into Waffen Grenadier SS Divisions, for use with German SS Infantry.
-- Police SS Divisions skipped
-- Panzergrenadier Divisions will be included in 'Mechanized Infantry'

-- HE-111s, JU88As, JU-87s, BF110s get squadron names such as 'Zerstörergeschwader', 'Nachtjagdgeschwader' and 'Sturzkampfgeschwader'
-- BF109s & FW190s, HE-177s, JU-88Cs don't get them for now due to limitations

Additional Changes:
-- All Wehrmacht Divisions now have a './', Example: '11 ./ Panzer-Division'

Kingdom of Italy:

Regio Esercito (Army):
-- Infantry Divisions get unique names such as 21ª Divisione fanteria 'Granatieri di Sardegna'
-- Armoured Divisions get unique names, such as 136ª Divisione 'Giovani Fascisti'
-- Mechanized Brigades are also included, an example would be 24ª Brigata meccanizzata 'Pinerolo'
-- Italians get 3 Airborne Divisions: 'Folgore', 'Nembo', 'Ciclone'
-- *Folgore comes first as it was the most important*

Special Forces:
-- Italian Special Forces are 4° Reggimento Alpini Paracadutisti and 1ª Flottiglia Mezzi d'Assalto

Regia Marina (Navy):
-- Generic Dreadnoughts now have the names 'Andrea Doria' & 'Caio Duilio'
-- Generic Cruisers now have names from several classes of finished and unfinished Italian cruisers

Additional Changes:
-- Now instead of an 'a' in the Italian divisions, they now get 'ª'
-- Artillery are now named "ª Reggimento Artiglieria"
-- Fighter Squadrons & Bombers are named "ª Squadriglia di caccia" and "ª Squadriglia di bombardieri" respectively

United States of America (NEW):

United States Army & National Guard
-- Over 40 Unique Division names have been added, including National Guard Divisions, which have 'NG' added to them. Examples: 1st Infantry Division 'The Big Red One', 45th Infantry NG Division 'Thunderbird'
-- Same applies for for U.S Airborne Divisions, Example: "101st Airborne Division 'The Screaming Eagles'"
-- Mechanized Infantry names are taken from Infantry that were converted to mechanized divisions during the war. Example: "40th Infantry NG Division (Mechanized) 'Sunshine'"
-- U.S Armored Divisions also get around 20 unique names. Example: "1st Armored Division 'Old Ironsides'"
-- Speical forces are Ranger Regiments

United States Army Air Corps:
-- All U.S air units are categorized under the 8th Airforce
-- Fighter Squadrons get the the string "Pursuit Squadron, VIII Fighter Command, 8th A.F 'The Mighty Eight'".
-- Bomber Squadrons get the string "Bombardment Group, 8th A.F 'The Mighty Eight'".

United States Marine Corps:
-- U.S Marines get many unique division names as well. Example: "1st Marine Division 'The Old Breed'"

United States Navy:
-- U.S Carriers, Battleships and Cruisers are now automatically named under the Yorktown, Iowa and Balitmore classes

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics:

Soviet Army:
-- Airbone Divisions strings are now : "Airborne VDV Corps"
-- The Soviet Special Forces are named "47th Special Purpose Airborne Brigade" (Part of the 4th Airborne Corps)

Soviet Navy:
-- Naval Infantry get the string: "Naval Infantry Brigade"

United Kingdom:

British Army:
-- Many Unique Infantry Divisions have been added. Examples: "43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division", "3rd Infantry Division 'Ironsides'"
-- Armoured Divisions are now called 'Armoured Division' rather than 'Armored Division', as per British English.
-- British Airborne are the 1st & 6th Airborne, 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division, Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade and the 16th Airborne Division
-- British SAS get the string 21st, 22nd & 23rd SAS Regiments.
-- Artillery are now called ".. Field Regiment, Royal Artillery"

Royal Airforce:
-- Fighter Squadrons are now called "No. ".. num .." Fighter Squadron, RAF Fighter Command"
-- Bomber Squadrons are now called "No. ".. num .." Bomber Squadron, RAF Bomber Command"

Royal Navy:
-- HMS Repulse & Renown are categorized in UK_BATTLESHIP_2 along with the HMS Hood (Optional)
-- Penant Numbers have been added to ships which are available. Example: "HMS Charybdis (88)"
-- Generic Cruisers now take names from the County-Class of Cruisers. Example: HMAS Australia (D84)
-- Generic Dreadnoughts now take names from the Revenge-class battleships. Example: HMS Revenge (06)

What's to come:
- Nationalist China Unit Naming
- Imperial Japanese Unit Naming
- Finnish Unit Naming
- Hungarian Unit Naming
- Polish Unit Naming
- Romanian Unit Naming
- StuG Regiment Unit Naming
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That sounds good ! I'll try this on my next games.
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Old Sep 18, 2014, 10:50 PM   #3
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do I need v.39 for this to work?
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Old Sep 22, 2014, 09:27 AM   #4
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Nope it doesn't
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Ok.I was just wondering because I played a game as the US and it wasn't naming the units. I'll check and see if I did anything wrong
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I tried it again playing with the US on the Earth 1936 map and it didn't seem to work. I have version 38 if that makes a difference
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