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This might help:

Chauvet Cave, the site of the earliest known cave paintings, was a good example of an early human cave dwelling. It was naturally occurring cave in a limestone bluff. What's significant is that the site is very defensible, with a good view of the space below, and a steep rock cliff above it to prevent attack from above or behind.

Archaeologists say that the prehistoric humans preferred a type of cave called a 'Rock Shelter', which was a hollowed out cave beneath an overhang. The overhang also protected the tribe from attack from above. A good example of this is the cave seen in the early scenes of the movie Quest for Fire.

The next step was multi-cave settlements, like the giant Gorham's Caves at the base of the Rock of Gibralter.
This was the last known settlement site of the Neanderthals.

A later, advanced version of this would be cliff dwellings, like those at Mesa Verde in Colorado:

Finally, the ultimate version has to be the Cave City, like those in

Cappadocia,Attachment 304318 and Petra Attachment 304319.

An example of a "cave city" that has lasted into the present is Attachment 304320 Matera, Italy, which has been continuously occupied for at least 9,000 years. There are other examples, including Cappadocia.

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Big Bopper
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I'm working on a Bronze Age scenario and could definitely use city sets for Minoa, Hittites, Babylonians, Egyptians, and Nubians.
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Well there could be an "age of mythology" series of sets, but apart from Minoan/Mycenaean and Babylonian i don't think i have any image of what the rest should look like.
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try this link with some city modelling










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