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Old Mar 04, 2013, 04:28 PM   #1
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Soren Johnson joins Stardock

After Stardock, developer of games like Elemental and Galactic Civilizations, has not only recruited Jon Shafer, lead designer of Civ5 (who has again left Stardock to work on his own project), and Derek "Kael" Paxton, lead designer of "Fall from Heaven", one of Civ4's biggest and most famous mods, they now got their hands on Soren Johnson, lead designer of Civ4.
It has not been exactly said on what Soren will work on, but apparently Kael has the lead about it, so we might expect something interesting in the future.

For the whole discussion please see this thread.

thanks to Aristos for bringing this to our attention.

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Good news, wishing the best to him and keep up the good work.
That's another story...
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FFH3 pliz
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Originally Posted by [to_xp]Gekko View Post
FFH3 pliz
A heart felt +1 to this
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Sadly, Stardock lost its place in the world and I can't purchase any of their products. They went from "company people banded around to fight DRM" to "one of the fiercest proponents of DRM".

I'm just glad that these devs will be working on real products instead of the social crap that they'd been relegated to at other studios, even though I won't be able to buy them and would urge everyone not to because of the DRM.
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he will be an asset
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Sounds like we can expect balanced design from whatever they're working on. I thought he was still at EA, but apparently he worked at Zynga before this.
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