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[GotM] May 2013

Welcome to the "Game of the Month - May 2013" for Colonization!

This time you will lead the Dutch colonists in North America. The English troops had conquered New Amsterdam, and you, Governor, you have to rescue your people.

Idea and realisation by Elwood

Your challenge in this game of the month:

Governor, take your eyes off the familiar coast, for our cause is lost and the ink on the shameful treaty's already drying. From now on England is going to lead the fate of New Amsterdam and there's no getting away from it. Instead, look ahead! New Holland is still in need of your energy. You might remember, far in the hinterland there are several settlements of fur trappers and miners. We had provided them with food from New Amsterdam. The British seem to have overlooked them so far. Now, if we sail along the coast, we might be able to reach them by making some detours. The French Colonial-Harbors are open to us! Parts of our armed forces escaped the English as well. Now they are trying to fend for themselves marching overland.

You are urgently needed in this solitude. The area is harsh and inhospitable. Hard, long winters full of snowstorms, barren lands. Without your leadership, the people will starve! The British do not care. It's heard, they are arming themselves secretly against their king. They are busy.

Let us write a footnote of humanity and strong will in the wake of history. Help the suffering and do not return to Holland. They are few, but they are still citizens of New Holland and you are their Governor!
Your Goal:
Provide each of your four existing cities at the beginning of the game with one thousand pieces of food. All food in the cities' warehouses and carriages standing in a city will be taken into account.
As soon as this is done, you can send in your save and your replay-file. The player who reaches that goal within the fewest turns, will win this Game of the Month

Attention, there is a Bonus Goal:
Take the man-of-war from the Great Lakes back to Europe. If you do this, you'll get a discount of 10 turns of your final result. If it is sunk by the British, ... well, bad luck!

The game is played as usual with our German community modification TAC 2.03_final ("The Authentic Colonization").
This game of the month ends on May, 31st.
Before you get started, please inform yourself about our entry rules and code of conduct.

God's blessing upon you for this charitable mission!
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The GotM May has finished, and we know who solved the task in the fewest turns.

The winner of this game is Will the Viking, congratulations!

This are the results of this month:

With this victory and his regular and successful participation Will expands the lead at the annual score:

Please notice that the GotM started at one month earlier. The best 6 results of each participant will be counted in the annual score.

Lots of thanks to all participants and friends of our competition. Keep it up!
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