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Secret Police HQ

I built the Secret Police HQ and my corruption increased.

I thought it was supposed to decrease corruption?!

Was playing as Hittites with about 128 cities and built secret Police HQ a fair way from Forbidden Palace and Palace.

Anyone else had this, has an explanation?
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Yes, read the BUGS section, and the list of bugfixs in the upcoming patch.
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The Economist
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The forbidden Palace also increases corruption as of now. Don't build either until the beta patch thingy comes out and you've installed it.
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I've been wondering this for a while, but haven't played an epic game long enough to be able to answer the question myself (cf. corruption & gpt bugs). If you switch out of Communism, does it turn the Secret Police HQ off? Or do you just need to hop into Communism, build it, and then hop out to get its effects for as long as you want?

I know how I think it should work, and obviously you don't want to keep it around pre-patch, but this seems like an important question post-patch.
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