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660 AD MoDA recommendations

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy III' started by TheViking, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. TheViking

    TheViking The world is not enough

    Mar 31, 2001
    The N hemisphere near fire and ice
    Ministry of Domestic Affairs (MoDA) 660 AD recommendations

    Based on the 560 and 660 AD polls and associated discussion we should continue to celebrate by increasing luxuries and setting tax to 0% (!) so that the new science plan can be followed, we can afford this since we are about to get big caravan delivery bonuses.

    660 AD:
    Increase luxuries to 60% and set sci=40% (upcoming caravan deliveries mean we can afford 0% tax for a few turns)
    Get rid of redundant Elvis in LP and maximize trade there
    Work silk plus 4 ocean squares in Ipec
    Work gold plus ocean squares only in VM
    Work ocean instead of forest and shielded grassland in FW, rush buy temple there (=72 gold)
    Work ocean instead of forest in Igloria
    Maximize trade in other cities.
    Do not make Dou support LC's settler

    680 AD and the following few turns:
    Continue celebrating for probably 3-4 turns, i.e. until a few cities stop growing.
    Luxuries must probably be increased to 70% soon.

    In addition, the new science plan should be followed down to the tiniest details.

    In particular (as also indicated in another thread):

    (1) Delay researching navigation
    (2) Get BB ahead of Med, Med (and then Shakespeare) is not needed until shortly before Dou can grow beyond size 12.
    (3) Do not deliver caravans when doing so causes delivery bonus beakers to be wasted.
    (4) Rush buy Dou's university in its entireity ASAP
    (5) Whenever Dou can supply something rush buy caravan there - these yield lots of cash
    (6) Complete Isaac Newton's College in Dou ASAP
    (7) Try to get trade routes in our cities by delivering caravans to Dou when they are not needed for wonders.

    A new domestic development plan will appear after the next few turns have been played. It will be intended for discussion and then polls will appear. Some of the things under consideration:

    (1) Finishing Isaac Newton's College ASAP
    (2) Establishing at least one trade route to Dou from every city, the long term plan is three trade routes in every city.
    (3) Building and delivering as many caravans from Dou as possible, this means rush buying caravans when Dou is supplying a commodity.
    (4) More settlers to work the land, especailly to build roads when we get BB
    (5) Rush buying 4 settlers to found cities on other continents, 2 on the Aztec/Zulu continent and 2 on the western continent. The reason for founding these cities ASAP is for them to have reached size 3 when we celebrate next, probably as a democracy.
    (6) Stronger defense in the Neu/LC/RF area - input needed from the military advisor.

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