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Help in war.

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by Ajuga, May 12, 2012.

  1. Ajuga

    Ajuga New Member

    Apr 17, 2012
    So I usually keep a somewhat small army, positioned at key locations which results in a lot of wars when people don't like me as they believe I'm weak.
    When they do go to war with me I simply boost my army for a bit and take care of the attack as the AI is really bad at warfare.

    In my ongoing match however (12 civilizations - archipelago - prince) I have no key positions and the enemy just swarms me. The wars are really hard to survive.

    I'm playing as Polynesia. I'm allies with: America, Egypt and Siam.
    America and Egypt share pretty much the same enemies with me while Siam is allies with half of the enemies.
    Currently at war with the Inca, Spain, Arabia and Russia. Spain attacks me from the west, the Inca from the North, Russia from the East and Arabia from the south but he's pretty much dead with only 2 crossbowmen, 1 cannon and 1 production city left.
    Siam is fighting with the Inca as well (as he lives North-East of me) and is pretty much losing as the Inca is the runaway civ of this match (I'm barely in lead on technology but he has more land and a bigger military).

    Now there are quite a few civilizations that are neutral or only guarded.
    Can I bribe them into going to war with my enemies? How much would it cost?
    Also how much do you need to pay for somebody to stop fighting against an ally? I really don't want Siam dead as he's a valuable trade partner.
  2. joshua43214

    joshua43214 New Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    3 allies is probably too many. You will always end up with DoW's from their enemies, and lose valuable trading partners. I will usually only DoF the civ's I don't plan to war with til late game. DoF'ing India for example is a good idea when he is on your border. America will back stab you frequently, Germany, The Iroquois, and Alex will almost always back stab you.

    You want Siam dead ASAP - he tends to become a runaway and is extremely hard to defeat late game.

    You can pay any one to declare war or make peace on any one else. cost depends on their attitude. On archipelago, you should keep the AI at war with Siam, Arabia, and Russia as much as possible. This will keep their focus on building units rather than improvements, and hopefully they will balance and none of them will runaway.

    Playing defensively on archipelago is pretty easy, the AI sucks at naval warfare. It should not take more than a one or two range units and a boat. Just sit back, be patient, and let them come to you. Just a few units is enough until you are ready to go conquer them. Kill the mêlée units first, they can batter your walls to nothing, but they cant take your city without a mêlée unit.

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