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Kris Warrior Promotions... Wow!

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Huntyadown, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Huntyadown

    Huntyadown New Member

    Feb 26, 2013
    I saw a lot of people unhappy about the negative promotions that kris warriors can get stuck with, so I thought I'd mention two AMAZING promotions that I have gotten in a game using them.

    1- Forgot name. Enables unit to attack twice, adds +1 movement. Adds ability to move after attacking. INSANE promotion for an early game unit. 3 move 2 attack beast mode all through the barb camps gaining exp.

    2- Forgot name. +30% defense when defending, Add +20 to healing. Absolutely brokenly powerful ability, especially on higher levels.

    I was playing a game on deity and the Celts decided to come knocking down my newly placed 3rd city around turn 85. All I had was two Kris warriors, also I was going hardcore for melee bonuses so I had gone through Honor tree with Statue of Zues rush.

    As soon as the celts showed up I plopped down a citadel with the great Gen you get from Honor, right in between them and my city and placed the defensive Kris warrior on top and set him to defend. I used my other one for picking off units that were low around the outsides, boom boom boom attacking and moving attacking and moving. 3 move 2 attack is amazing. 10 turns later almost every celt unit was defeated and they hadn't even attacked my city once. Both Kris warriors had survived without a scratch and were highly promoted. Insane power for deity.

    Has anyone else seen some amazing promotions for them?
  2. Greizer85

    Greizer85 New Member

    Mar 7, 2009
    I don't have the game yet, but based on the info I've seen the negative promotions aren't really that big of a deal. One of them only affects the unit if it's outside your own borders, so you may simply relegate the unlucky sword dude to defensive duties while his lucky brethren go a-stomping abroad. The other negative promo sucks pretty bad alright, but it's one out of what, like 8 promos? So you won't really get it all that often. I do think negative promotions are a bad concept, but it's manageable in this case at least. And like you mentioned some of the positive ones are outright beastly. I might actually try out Indonesia if it wasn't for their lame Ua and situational UB.
  3. kaspergm

    kaspergm Active Member

    Aug 19, 2012
    Here's the list of promotions:

    MYSTIC BLADE Promotion is replaced with a randomly chosen new promotion after the unit completes its first combat. (I believe this is the one represented with the "?" logo)
    INVULNERABIILITY +30% Combat Bonus when defending. +20 Hit Points when healing
    SNEAK ATTACK Flank attack bonus increased by 50%
    HEROISM Unit awards combat bonus to nearby units as if it is a Great General
    AMBITION +50% Combat Bonus when attacking. -20% penalty when defending
    RESTLESSNESS May Attack Twice. 1 Extra Movement
    RECRUITMENT Heals All Damage If Kills Non-Barbarian Unit
    ENEMY BLADE Takes 20 Damage If Ends Turn in Enemy Territory
    EVIL SPIRITS -10% penalty when attacking. -30% penalty when defending

    Personally, I'm one of those who are against this "balanced on average" concept: The fact that some promotions are super powerful doesn't get balanced in a good way by the fact that some of the "promotions" are only negative - and vice versa.

    When I first saw the promotion that provides +50% attack / -20 % defence, I thought that this was very clever, because the combination of a good and a bad thing in the same unit toned it in a specific direction. The all-bad and all-good promotions however make for some very bad cases of random rolls imo. - even if it is only 2 out of 8 promotions that are bad, in a normal game where you will perhaps build no more than a handful of Swordsmen, that's still enough of a probability for randomness to have a real effect on game.

    But I guess one can see if the dual effects of the promotions are decoupled, so that one can combine them in different ways, for instance something like:

    #1: -30% penalty when defending. +20 Hit Points when healing.
    #2: +30% Combat Bonus when defending. -10% penalty when attacking.
    #3: Takes 20 Damage If Ends Turn in Enemy Territory. 1 Extra Movement.

    The extra attack promotion would be strong enough to stand alone on its own, and this way, each of above combos would give the units a unique flavor: #1 would be good on offence, will heal quickly, but will be vulnerable when doing it. #2 is the defensive equivalent of "Ambition". And #3 will have extra movement to make up for his vulnerability to end in enemy territory.

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