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Making culture more than just purple points

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Levgre, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Levgre

    Levgre Chieftain

    Jul 24, 2006
    Here are some of my ideas for a more interesting/engrossing culture system. 2 main ones.

    1. Multicultural-ism.
    In civilization 4, tiles would get broken down into say 60% khmer, 40% roman.

    Instead, this is done for the entire civilization. Open borders, friendly diplomatic relationships civ policies, and buildings all raise the rate.

    The benefit you get is an extra bonus for culture(spent on policies, whatever).
    Being 70% English, 30% French, give you a sizable bonus. And the more civs the better, so 70% English, 15% German, 15% French would add more than the 70%-30%. This quite mirrors reality, imo. Collaboration and exposure to the world greatly promote culture.

    Multi-culturalism would also add significant war weariness penalties for the aggressor, to the point where it could be crippling in a long war and cause frequent revolts. This makes culture an effective defense for smaller nations, more so than a simple bonus to city defense %.

    Alternatively, nations could adopt intolerant/isolationist attitudes, to promote national unity and reduce unhappiness from war.

    The second idea is to add cultural sliders, similar to Europa Universalis. It moves on its own based on player actions, and the player can also choose to move it through various methods.

    Here's a possible set of traits. This is very flexible as to what sliders and what quantity make an acceptable/ideal system. I personally think the best system would involve either the evolution, or replacement, of sliders as society advances.

    Tolerance - High tolerance benefits culture+research, low tolerance benefits happiness/discipline

    Barter -whether citizens prefer to make their riches in other lands vs local trade/production.

    Centralization - High value leads to citizens preferring concentrated urban areas. Lowest value would be akin to a Native American federation civilization. I never liked how much civs follow the same style. Federations were not the victors, but isn't civ about changing history?

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