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  1. regularkid
    regularkid Gedemon
    Hey Gedemon. A quick question.
    R.E.D. Mod's turns last 10 days each. Here's what the NewRules.sql says about it "INSERT INTO GameSpeed_Turns (GameSpeedType, MonthIncrement,TurnsPerIncrement) VALUES ('GAMESPEED_STANDARD', '1', '360');
    UPDATE GameSpeeds SET DealDuration = 100". We would like to make it so turns last 15 days. Is there a way to achieve this?
  2. Zec Chelovek
    Zec Chelovek
    To free a person from error is to give, and not to take away
  3. seanpowell
    A alicorn a winged unicorn is a good unit to add.
  4. schlaufuchs
    1. schlaufuchs
      I'm on #fifty btw if you want to chat
      Aug 13, 2020 at 5:47 PM
  5. Takhisis
    Takhisis schlaufuchs
    What a cunning fox you are to have such a name. If it weren't for the avatar I'd've been fooled altogether.
  6. matthias78
    matthias78 Fish Man
    Hello Fish Man,
    may I ask you something concerning CIV4? Maybe can you write me an email at benni101@yahoo.de ?
    Thanks ;-)
  7. ShogunGrumpyBear
    ShogunGrumpyBear amadeus
    How do you like living in Osaka?
    1. amadeus
      It’s alright. I think if I had the choice though I might move out of the city. We’ll see as time goes on, I guess.
      Aug 12, 2020 at 8:41 PM
  8. seanpowell
    A spring and autumn palace could be added. They can do what the summer and winter palace do reduce maintenance.
  9. samaritan
    Sitting quite comfortably in Coventry
  10. regularkid
    regularkid Gedemon
    I figured it out. was in RedUnitsFunction.lua. Thanks again for making a great game.
  11. seanpowell
    But i think the player should have control over both leaders. Minister koun could go to one of the religions as something similar.
  12. seanpowell
    Mechanos that is a part of the Runes of kilmorph religion will work the same way as minister koun or the mercurian gate.
  13. seanpowell
    The great building TEMPLE OF TEMPORANCE should work a great oracle or a great apostle. A great oracle is similar to a great prophet.
  14. seanpowell
    A great apostle can gain the promotions command 1 2 3 and 4 giveing a better chance of converting a unit.
  15. Dannydehz
    Dannydehz Immaculate

    I'm interested in the Fading Suns game and would love to be put on the wait list.
    1. Immaculate
      Sure. Alternatively i can give you a minor faction if you are interested. Are you on Discord?
      Aug 10, 2020 at 2:50 PM
  16. seanpowell
    A giant alligator snapping turtle would be a good idea similar to the giant tortoise.
  17. tranx
    tranx Enginseer
    Hello. I'm interested in both your mods Unique City States and Community Patch Events for VP. Are they available in Direct Download, on Civfanatics or another website like mega.nz? Thanks
  18. regularkid
    regularkid Gedemon
    Hey Gedemon, my friend and I are huge fans of R.E.D. Mod! Has brought us countless hours of fun.

    We'd like to remove Italy's trait of receiving the "Desert Fox" promotion on all units, but can find no mention of it in NewRules.xml, which only mentions the Marenostrum trait.

    Also didn't find anything in the Newunits.xml.

    Do you know where we should we look to remove this "Desert Fox" trait for Italy? Thanks.
  19. warpus
    warpus Birdjaguar
    I have updated my response to you in the Everest theread.. it was slightly wrong. Just figured it out as I was working through the next pic. The timestamps didn't make sense so I did a bit more digging. Another post is also affected, if you scroll up you will see an editor's note that's in italics. FYI since you were the one who asked the question, and I'm not sure you would have otherwise seen my edits
  20. yung.carl.jung
    yung.carl.jung stinkubus
    loved your post in the socialism.. etc. thread (1324), so many good points were made which are usually missed

    "All socialism means is a belief in the idea that workers should control the means of production"

    1. Synsensa
      if u like his posts so much why don't you just MARRY THEM
      Aug 9, 2020 at 5:04 PM
      yung.carl.jung likes this.