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  1. Lordie Staven
  2. Duke William of Normandy
    Duke William of Normandy
    I want to let everyone know that if you want me to make any Civ or Leader ideas, just head to my thread in the Ideas and Suggestions forum.
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  3. Lord of Arendelle
    Lord of Arendelle Nutty
    I'm having some trouble with nexus.
    Could you lend your expertise?
    I posted on the "Nexus Viewer Help???" thread
    I've been searching for answers and have read "the tools of the trade" pdf
    and I'm stumped on how to fix it.
  4. seanpowell
    The Malbaro from Final Fantasy would make a great unit. The Malbaro can consume a warrior unit and spit it out a Beholder as a unique unit.
  5. seanpowell
    The FORM OF THE TITAN should become a unique feature when built. It can be a statue and have law mana as an affinity.
  6. seanpowell
    The witches cauldron should become a unique feature when built that spawns a Dementor and Voldemort can start with the villain adventurer pr
  7. seanpowell
    Some great buildings that you build, can become a unique feature when built. THE GREAT LIGHTHOUSE is definitely one of them.
  8. seanpowell
    The witch civilization units should have the Vile touch promotion, units that get infected will transform into a Sorrowsworn.
  9. Hinin
    Hinin ashendashin
    Entry for the 09/21/2020
    I understood that profile picture reference, but it's still terrifying. Save our souls.
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  10. seanpowell
    Arkenstone can be a gemstone that goes with the Evil Dwarves. Garnet can go with either the good or neutral dwarves.
  11. seanpowell
    The newborn civilization leader that comes from the religion Ashen Veil can have a wonder to build that brings out the Red Xenomorph.
  12. seanpowell
    Zombies should have a seperate leader away from Sheaim. Sheaim civilization should base themselves around Abashi the Unholy Black Dragon.
  13. seanpowell
    Mekara order will be the leader to come out of the Council of Eus religion. Mekara order will be a civilization based around Shadow Dragons.
  14. AaronTBD
  15. hobbsyoyo
    hobbsyoyo Phrossack
    I wanted to pop in and say how extremely happy I am that you are back to posting!
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    2. Phrossack
      Glad you're happy, and good to see you again!
      Sep 20, 2020 at 1:56 PM
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  16. MaryKB
    Toss a coin to your Witcher
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    2. Synsensa
      I'd rather have coins tossed to me. I'll even dance.
      Sep 18, 2020
    3. MaryKB
      Are you a Witcher?
      Sep 18, 2020
  17. Takhisis
    Takhisis Bad Player
    (for the next time you drop in) If you're still interested, CFC is still playing mafia.
  18. MalayanGamer
    MalayanGamer IanMusic
  19. seanpowell
    Kuriotates civilization should have a brass dragon drake spawning from a unique feature and have Eurabatres the gold dragon as there hero.
  20. seanpowell
    The chaos mutation spell would work better on units like Cerberus. Cerberus would have 4 heads instead of 3 for eg. A harpy 3 breasts.