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  1. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn EQandcivfanatic
    You should come back to NESing
  2. Aiken_Drumn
  3. Thlayli
    Thlayli ChiefDesigner
    If you ever come back to life, I want to show you TMG's amazing project in #nes!
  4. Alex Pella
    Alex Pella
    I’m a Macedonian main who will not be satisfied until I reach the world’s end.
  5. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn DaisyCloud
    That is a beautiful avatar, I might steal it unless you revive your account!
  6. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn Chukchi Husky
    Been a long long time since you considered playing in a NES?
  7. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn Crezth
    I'm blowing the cobwebs off of NES if you are interested in a little fun?
    1. Crezth
      Oct 22, 2021 at 2:55 PM
  8. egosumcarlo
  9. Bruhmoment
    hell yeah I finally won a victory in DoC without cheating, as Norte Chico!
  10. brasilbear
    Trying to remember what I forgot....
  11. Ryansinbela
    Ryansinbela bite
    There is something I want to post that’s not Civ 6 related but still related to Civ but I don’t know where to post it
  12. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn Arakhor
    1. Arakhor
      I simply don't remember after so long. Perhaps another thread was never made.
      Oct 20, 2021
  13. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn Jkchart
    Did you ever make a NES?
  14. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn North King
    I don't suppose you have your old maps saved somewhere?
  15. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn Ferocitus
    Seemed like an interesting topic to bring here!
  16. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn Tee Kay
    Mr Kangaroo, can I induce your interest in a NES?
  17. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn Gelion
    I am developing a new NES if you fancy lending your input?
  18. Aiken_Drumn
    Aiken_Drumn Arakhor
    Sorry about that, was worried I would annoy people if I started too many new threads. How old is allowed for bumping generally?
    1. Arakhor
      I generally work with within a year or so, but for tightly focussed threads, it might be more appropriate to revive older threads. General life/hobby threads can usually manage with a serial thread instead.
      Oct 19, 2021
    2. Aiken_Drumn
      Roger that! There are some big, old threads that have been forgotten about, can I message you ahead of bumping them?
      Oct 20, 2021
    3. Arakhor
      That should be fine, yes.
      Oct 20, 2021
  19. Aiken_Drumn
  20. Kan' Sharuminar
    Kan' Sharuminar Takhisis
    I forgot to post my support for each Scotland match in the Euro games this year. As such they failed to win it.

    I shall put here for posterity: Scotland to at least, at minimum, possibly reach the qualification playoffs for the 2022 World Cup.
    1. Takhisis
      You are missed at fiftychat, Kan.
      Oct 18, 2021
    2. Kan' Sharuminar
      Kan' Sharuminar
      Every time I pop on no-one else is there. The last time there was a link to a discord, which I have joined and, er, barely chat on. That's my bad :p
      Oct 19, 2021
    3. Takhisis
      It appears that we have been taking it in turns to log in while the other is offline then.
      Oct 19, 2021