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New Profile Posts

  1. Crimson_Raider
    Crimson_Raider Deliverator
    Would you happen to know if someone has gotten ahold of Beyond Earth unit models? I am trying to make a Civ 5 mod featuring some of the units for that game.
  2. [to_xp]Gekko
    [to_xp]Gekko Ferocitus
    congrats on successfully triggering the coalflake, that gave me a good chuckle :D
  3. Moi Magnus
    Moi Magnus illram
  4. Wilhelm Wagoz
    Wilhelm Wagoz
    Status Message Disabled
  5. Joshua Warren
  6. Joshua Warren
    Joshua Warren
    Also, for anyone checking this profile to see if it is legit, email me at jwarren@avhsd.org
  7. onejayhawk
    onejayhawk Berzerker
    I sent you a trade response in the WTF league.

    Did you notice there is another J in the league. J's team is not mine.

  8. Snerk
    Snerk Lohrenswald
    Jeg sende noen blomar til Von Listhaug fra deg jeg. Går greit det?
    1. Lohrenswald
      Veittu, jeg har ikke fulgt med på nyhetene i det siste

      Jeg har fått med meg at hun har gjort ett eller annet, og at regjeringa visstnok kan falle på grunn av det, men jeg veit ikke hva :/
      Mar 18, 2018 at 11:23 AM
    2. Synsensa
      i agree with both of you about this in-depth analysis
      Mar 18, 2018 at 12:02 PM
      Snerk and Lohrenswald like this.
    3. Lohrenswald
      Har lest om saken nå

      flott å ha rasismepartiet i regjering
      Mar 18, 2018 at 1:46 PM
  9. poundjd
    poundjd Victoria
    How do I BUY apostles w/FAITH; I Know that when I get the answer it'll be a REAL OMG event for me!!!
    1. Synsensa
      You need to have a temple constructed in the city you're trying to buy the apostle in.
      Mar 17, 2018
  10. diggerjohn111
    The Dutch can be a serious amount of fun.
  11. poundjd
    poundjd UncivilizedGuy
    I Love your approach to modding, and I was wondering if you have any updates to any of your mods, after the R&F 3/8/2018 update?
  12. MinhazMurks
    MinhazMurks Stephan Reiken
    Hello, I've been trying to make this and my mod compatible to no avail. I have made a custom civilization and nomatter which way I try to add the entries to the database it doesn't seem to work. The latest way I've tried is downloading your compatibility mod and adding my own leader to his list, and when i do that my game doesn't crash like it normally does but it doesn't seem to apply the mod to my Leader.
  13. lg100000
    lg100000 Gedemon
    Oh well that sucks. Thanks for the response!
  14. BigBootyLover9000
    BigBootyLover9000 Perfection
    hi just signed up to tell you that your account is older than me
  15. lg100000
    lg100000 Gedemon
    but I was wondering if you could give me any tips on where I could start looking to accomplish something similiar to the MAD mod. Thanks a lot!
    1. Gedemon
      I don't think it will be possible before the DLL source code is released for civ6.
      Mar 10, 2018
  16. lg100000
    lg100000 Gedemon
    Hi! I had some questions about the MAD mod you created awhile ago. Im trying to do pretty much the same thing for civ 6, just for my own use if anything. I hate how civs just wont respond to nukes. Anyway, I'm very familiar with pretty simple mods (the most complex mod ive made pretty much just tripled the size of the hydrogen bomb animation)
  17. Ashel85
    I'm play Civilization series from 2001
  18. meowschwitz
    meowschwitz durfal
    Hello durfal, Unless I am mistaken, you had released the easier polders mod to steam workshop and have recently removed it as it is defunct. However, I had that mod activated in my recent playthrough. With your deletion of it, I no longer have access to it. I was hoping, as I have minimal to no experience with creating content myself, if you could make a version of it available again. :)
  19. Vicente Laurel
    Vicente Laurel leif erikson
    How to Change UserName?
  20. Vicente Laurel
    Vicente Laurel
    Profile Wall will be upgrading